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Episode 35: The JV Club
Amy Acker
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #35: Amy Acker

It’s a trip around the world with Episode 35’s guest Amy Acker (Person of Interest, Angel) — or at least a trip around Dallas, Japan, and pumpkin festivals, with a little high school drill team, country western dancing, and a horrible arachnid encounter thrown in for good measure. Plus a return to the classic, irrefutable fortune-telling game, M.A.S.H.!


  • Alas, sometimes the kind of thing Acker’s Apple commercial joked about wasn’t so…slight? An acquaintance of mine was a US high school exchange student in Japan who was raped by the host-family husband/father. Something that was rather hushed up by everyone affected but her. (And, of course, some of those Russian and other women are being trafficked into the US and elsewhere, after having been promised Glamorous or at least good-paying work, and find themselves working involuntarily as janitors or prostitutes, the height of glamor, particularly when both are combined in practical slavery.)

    That grimness aside, a fine and typically engaging conversation…I have also enjoyed Acker’s work whenever I’ve seen it.

  • It’s funny that almost all the artists make portraits of her as the blue skinned warrior goddes, I always liked her more as Fred! And Fred seems closer to the real Amy. Definitely the most soft spoken guest ever, and so sweet!! Spider bites be danged!!

  • Archibald Boddington, professional pumpkin carver. I couldn’t help but laugh at that one… (maybe because my mom’s last name is Archibald). You can’t carve pumpkins too long ahead of Halloween, they’ll go moldy pretty fast. Here you can leave them outside and the near frigid temperature will keep them better preserved (assuming normal October weather). That probably doesn’t work in LA…

    Crazy spider story… that must have been a horrible Xmas. When I was that age, a horrible Xmas was having a cold or there being only 6 inches of snow on the ground.

    I like the language discussions that keep popping up in these podcasts. I guess having a wide variety of options in second language courses in high school must be nice (the only second language course here was English, and of course it was mandatory, though I wish there were some third language courses available too). But even with French there’s a lot more places to visit than France and cultures to discover. I wish I was omni-lingual too. Being bilingual just isn’t enough.

  • Thank you so much for this and all your other podcasts. I am a freshman in college and have used these to help me survive the piles of homework, tests, and self-doubt that have come with this experience. I have shared this podcast with all the people on my floor and plan to spread the word to anyone who needs a verbal hug. Please keep doing what you are doing; this really matters.

  • Oh my heavens! What a great group o’comments! Thanks, guys! Scott- thanks for the omni-lingual link! PJ – I’m with you- fascinated by language stuff! Rob S – corn dogs trivia is always welcome.
    Mottsy- What a wonderful comment. Thank you so much! I’m going to read it during the intro for the next episode!

  • Okay, very fun episode, loved the horrifying stories about spider bites and Japanese commercials, but…NO behind-the-scenes stories about Angel, Dollhouse, or Cabin in the Woods?!? Janet, you’ve got unfinished business–get Amy back!