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The JV Club #119: Boys of Summer: Paul and Storm
Episode 119: The JV Club
Boys of Summer: Paul and Storm
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #119: Boys of Summer: Paul and Storm

The Boys of Summer return in the corporeal forms of Paul and Storm, in town on their way to Comic-Con! The gents try to explain D & D to Janet, even though neither of them were really that into it, until she finally lets it drop and they move on to other equally delightfully nerdy subjects. w00t w00t!

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  1. Tsulio says:

    It was Piers Anthony. The story was recounted on This American Life Episode #470. I admit to having been Xanth-obsessed for a few years myself.

  2. Paul Maki says:

    Yay Paul & Storm! “Flanked by the Overlords” Minion reporting.  I think the One Year of High School question should be called the “Ken Grimwood Memorial” question. If you don’t know why, you must read “Replay” immediately! I mean it, you’d totally dig it if you have not yet…

  3. PJ says:

    Tolkien is one of the many big influences of D&D but Gary Gygax (co-creator with Dave Arneson) was not a big fan. A number of lesser known fantasy authors were also the sources of major elements of the game, but since people don’t know these guys as much (or at all) they don’t realize that there is a wide variety of origins to the different parts of the game.

    I read and reread Lord of the Rings, but I could not get through chapter 1 of Moby Dick.

    And since there was mention of poutine, I have to say the gravy must NOT be beef-based, it’s chicken-based. And most poutine places in Montréal are way overrated. You have to try the places in the boonies between Montréal and Québec City…

    Anyway, despite the lack of Don Henley’s Boys of Summer, there is so much to talk about, so I’ll just say thanks for another lovely podcast episode.

  4. Sydney Richardson says:

    Another great episode. Paul and Storm were just perfect.You should get Brian Posehn on the show. Not only would he be a great guest but he would be able to tell you all about D & D.