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The JV Club #118: Live at Bridgetown with Carrie Brownstein
Episode 118: The JV Club
Live at Bridgetown with Carrie Brownstein
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #118: Live at Bridgetown with Carrie Brownstein

Taking a brief break from the Boys of Summer series while Janet’s out of town, it’s the live episode from Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon with Carrie Brownstein!

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Photo Credit: Pat Moran


  1. PJ says:

    OK, for a second there in the braces discussion, Janet (taking a funny accent) sounded exactly like my dentist, who’s Polish.

    And yes, we should all follow Captain Archibald Haddock (from HergĂ©’s Tintin) lead in terms of variety of insults (and swear words). I’m particularly fond of “laundry-ship admiral”, among others.

  2. Hannah W. says:

    The energy level in this episode got me all amped up, it was so fun, and I love that you had someone scream out, “lumberjacks” while talking about NAU. :) 

  3. Scott B. says:

    FINALLY!! Someone including Janet as a choice in M.A.S.H.!! I mean . . .  Come on!! Thanks Carrie!

  4. tres says:

    welcomed break for sure. and why even the initial break for boys of summer? look around — the last thing the podcast world needs is more of the same white dudes. can’t wait for the series to be over. 

    • janet says:

      Sorry to hear you’re not a fan- I’ve enjoyed hearing more about the early lives of some of the great gentlemen I know, including people like Oscar Nunez, Phil LaMarr, and Danny Pudi. Not sure how they fit into the “white dudes of podcasting” category. Anyway, I’ll be back to ladies soon! 

  5. sydney richardson says:

    Another great episode. I think I could probably listen to Carrie talk all day. 

  6. Joseph Young says:

    Love this episode! I love when they come to play. Love a good “yes and”. This episode is full of them.