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The JV Club #116: Boys of Summer: Danny Pudi
Episode 116: The JV Club
Boys of Summer: Danny Pudi
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #116: Boys of Summer: Danny Pudi

Oh no- not ANOTHER Polish-Indian-silly-wonderful-trail-running-twin-fathering-Community-castmember. Wait… There’s only ONE Danny Pudi. And he’s the guest of episode 116- as the Boys of Summer rolls on!

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  1. Paul says:

    I really loved this episode too. I’ve gotten into Community just this year and just love Danny’s performance there.
    I’m sorry you get less comments here. I have to say the new design and Entertainment slant of nerdist gives me a headache. 
    JV Club fans as best to skip the main page and just go directly here:

  2. sydney richardson says:

    Really enjoyed this. Only started listening to the podcast with Paul F. Tompkins but now im going to have to go back to the beginning and listen from No1.

  3. Stel says:

    Danny Pudi needs to be on all the podcasts! What a lovely and funny episode. Danny Pudi, Paul F. Tompkins, and Greg Behrendt give me life.
    Sidenote: I have never heard of that brain tickling phenomenon, but I do know about the exact opposite of that. It’s called misophonia, and it means that noises drive certain people to rage instead of pleasure. I wonder if there’s a study out there about the various physiological reactions to podcast-listening…

  4. PJ says:

    Wow, someone finally answered “Lord of the Rings” in the MASH questions without it (or the Shire) being suggested! I knew it would come up with the Boys of Summer at some point. (Also, Raiders of the Lost Ark…).

    That said, by the end of this summer, I will have seen more of Poland (well, just Krakow) than Chicago (of which I’ve only seen O’Hare in between flights). But I can’t wait. I wouldn’t have minded a visit to a shack in the mountains there (Poland, not Chicago…) either.