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The JV Club #105: Suzy Nakamura
Episode 105: The JV Club
Suzy Nakamura
The JV ClubThe JV Club

The JV Club #105: Suzy Nakamura

Put on your safety goggles and fire up the furnace with this week’s guest, the handy and hilarious Suzy Nakamura (Bad Teacher). Take a tour of pizza shop and comic book-basement-vacations– but don’t fall asleep or you’ll miss your train stop!


  1. CHRISTINE! says:

    Just have to comment that as a half Asian, I appreciated Suzy’s comments about not learning Japanese so much.

    I knew Korean at one point, but when we moved back to the US, there was so much peer pressure to be “normal” that I stopped and lost all of it. As an adult, I get asked all the time why I don’t speak Korean and why I don’t learn it. It’s nice to hear someone else feel not pressured and not guilty for not knowing a language others think would be cool to learn.

  2. PJ says:

    On visiting Japan, Suzy wanted to say “I’m a gaijin” didn’t she? I have a friend who’s second generation, she loved visiting Japan for the feeling of being average height, but the locals would look at her funny for wearing a t-shirt in 70F weather.

    And Ian Holm is 9 years older than Michael Gambon… He looked so old in The Hobbit. Now, where do I remember Tom Wilkinson from? You know when you look someone up on IMDB because you’ve seen him (or her) before and you try to figure out from what among all the credits…. I think Suzy’s Tom Wilkinson’s blanking may be contagious. Damn.

  3. Rob S. says:

    When you run out, run out to White Hen. When you run out of anything run out to White Hen.