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COPS: SkyrimCOPS: Skyrim

The Job Never Stops in COPS: Skyrim Season Three


Just when you thought it was safe to start marauding again, those diligent and overworked men and women keeping the dirt paths and carriageways of safe for peasants are back for the third season of COPS: Skyrim. They aren’t starting off on the right foot, either, having to immediately contend with crazy ladies keeping giant rats in their home, crazier ladies who hacks people with hatchets for no reason, and apologetic spree-killers. You can’t trust ’em!

Because it’s Geek Week, and because today is Gaming Thursday, we’ve got two brand new episodes of COPS: Skyrim for you to enjoy with your eyes, heart, and soft palate. After you watch, go ahead and befriend Officer Jenkins on Facebook. He’s a good dude who works hard. And, as always, for more of this and other great shows, subscribe to Ye Olde Nerdist Channel.