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Episode 94: The Indoor Kids
We Finish the Swans and…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #94: We Finish the Swans and More Bioshock

Please enjoy this hodgepodge episode, pulled together from multiple podcasting expeditions. In it, you’ll hear video game news talk, TV show talk, discussion of games we’re playing now, an interview with Max and Ben, two of the guys responsible for the indie hit Unfinished Swan, a Twitter game, and, at the end of the episode, a spoilery Bioshock wrap up with Matthew Burnside. Enjoy!

Games Discussed


Unfinished Swan
Luigi’s Mansion
Bioshock Call of Duty
Far Cry 3
Starseed Pilgrim
Corrypt, Kachina
Adventure Time


TV Shows Discussed


Game of Thrones

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  • I am going to have to echo #novaseason. 2 weeks in a row of missing Indoor Kids. I have no idea how close I am to the end… I am trying to savor it.

    I miss Kumail and Emily.

  • So on the latest Thrilling Adventure Hour episode, they talked about Kumail playing an Adventurekateer. Is this just something that’s planned, or did it already happen and then get placed in the backlog between live performance and podcast?

  • Quick Question:
    How do you feel about the ‘always online’ feature that’s being talked about in the next-gen consoles possibly ‘entirely’ doing away with the ability to play imported games?
    Unless, (like in the old days) you purchase and import a console. But, even in that case, if it’s an ‘always (has to be) online console’ that’ll completely eliminate even the possibility of (sort-of) legally playing official imported releases.

  • Holy Crap, Max just shouted out the West End Star Wars RPG. I’ve been GMing that edition for over a decade (never bothered with the 3rd and subsequent versions. D6 forever!). I would wrestle a Bantha to have a creative mind like his in my game (or to play in a campaign he created.. wait, I don’t know which would be better). Anyway, so awesome to find another fan of the best version of that game, hands down.

  • About the Bioshock DLC theories. Do you think it may be that you play as Booker DeWitt from a different universe? Specifically the one who meets Daisy Fitzroy, and does things in this universe, who leaves voxophones that you later find in the main missions.

    Also, what was your take on Preston E. Downs? You never meet him in-game, but he seems like a pretty flushed out character, whom I would think would be great in the DLC for Bioshock.