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Episode 71: The Indoor Kids
Indoor Kids Indoor Kids…
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #71: Indoor Kids Indoor Kids with Jeff Rubin

Emily and Kumail welcome Jeff Rubin (College Humor, Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show) to talk about games he’s playing, games we’re playing, The Wire, TV shows based on games, and more more more!

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  1. onReload says:

    @Ryan, @bsg…

    I thought the same thing when Jeff said that, and there’s always gonna be the argument about “who did it first?” etc….but yeah, DDR was one of Konami’s MANY music games, along with Beatmania, GuitarFreaks, DrumMania, ParaParaParadise, etc…they actually have a division of their company for it, “Bemani.”

    To me, THEY invented that whole instrument-simulation genre…and Harmonix has done very well with it, no question. But it does bother me when people forget about Konami, and Parappa before it.

  2. BJ says:

    I know it’s the Indoor Kids, and I love you guys for it, but Kumail’s “Is there a Lebron James Bible” deserved way more than you guys gave it.

  3. erratic gorilla says:

    @heathercampbell had a good tweet about Xbox Live:
    “Xbox buries games like cemeteries bury grandmas.”
    She also had a couple good jokes about asymmetric game play during the E3 conferences, which is the term Jeff was trying to remember.

    Loved this ep, and I’ll definitely have to get into The Wire at some point, but its weird that this is the second episode with a guest that likes Batman (Film Crit Hulk being the other one) that Dark Knight Rises and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns both come up (and Jeff actually asks for a live action Dark Knight Returns) without it being pointed out that Rises basically IS a cinematic adaptation of DK Returns. Rises is to Returns(plus Bane); just as much as Batman Begins is to Frank Miller’s Batman Year One(plus Scarecrow)!

    I don’t want to dissect it too much, just in case anyone is waiting for the Bluray to watch DKRises, but this vid does a pretty good job
    Seriously though, read The Dark Knight Returns then watch Dark Knight Rises, it embodies a lot of what Frank Miller wrote!

  4. Ryan says:

    Gotta love wikipedia.

  5. bsg says:

    Parappa the Rapper was produced in 1996 #NerdTrump

  6. Ryan says:

    Doh! Jeff I was on board until you said “Harmonix basically invented the rhythm game…”

    1998 called, and it’s buddy Dance Dance Revolution is PISSED.

  7. anthony pickett says:

    Thank you for spoiling pooper for me. Wart dafaq. Don’t give me ithat I’ve shoulda seen it mess. Do you know how much media there is to consume? I was working on it. Guess that is going to the back of t he list.

  8. Jedimastermike says:

    Did the rss feed for the podcast change? I don’t see a new episode in my Android app.

  9. Francisco says:

    Great podcast, just a damn shame it was recorded a month ago. New to us, but all the news was dated.

  10. Chuck says:

    Oh my god, I just watched the adventure time with Kumail. Best character ever.

  11. Jonathan Y. says:

    I can’t hold this any more! XD

    Rob Paulsen voices Pinky, Yakko, and the first Ralphel.

  12. Forrest says:

    More importantly, since you’re talking about TMNT, Rob Paulsen was the original voice of Raphael in the old TMNT cartoon…he’s Donatello in the new one…..

  13. Forrest says:

    More importantly, since you’re talking about TMNT, Rob Paulsen was the original voice of Raphael in the old TMNT cartoon…he’s Donatello in the new one…

  14. Chris says:

    Yup not in itunes…

  15. Kyle S. says:

    Podcast: why you no show up on iTunes?

  16. LevelledUp says:

    I hate to break it to Jeff but I was at a wedding reception 2 weeks ago and there were drunk moms doing Gangham style.

  17. Rob B says:

    There seems to be an iTunes problem at the moment. This podcast, and a few of the ones posted on Friday haven’t made it to iTunes yet.