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Episode 61: The Indoor Kids
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #61: BumberPAX!

Kumail and Emily journey to Seattle, where the coffee is famous. We bring you all the backstage and floor juiciness from both Bumbershoot and PAX. With special guests Jessica Chobot, Ron Funches, John Hodgman, and more more more!

Watch Kumail play Joust!

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  • Hey Kumail, I have suggestion for the show.

    You should retool and have Jordan Morris as your permanent co-host. Every show where he comes on is a good one, and no offense, but your wife doesn’t bring much to the table.

    Just a thought.

  • Seriously. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Kumail and Emily ARE the show. Emily emanates upbeatness and cool vibes and good stuff. Without that, the tone would be all wrong.

  • The dynamic between Kumail and Emily is the USP of the show. Whilst it is possible there different host-line-ups may give you the kind of show you want, the whole point of the Indoor Kids is the crossover between gaming, and general life. It is very personal, and that’s why it is amazing.

  • I would pay very large sums of colorful Canadian to see Emily and Kumail. I completely love their relationship and im a bitter single person. you need eggs and flower to make sassy cake and they bring satchels of both to the table. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Never stop you awesome Gordnanjianions!

  • thegynomite is responsible for the funniest and most underrated line in indoor kids history:
    Jonah Ray: … I mean a corpse is a corpse.
    EVG: of corpse of corpse.

    You don’t get that on other podcasts.

  • I’ve beaten The Binding of Isaac several times. Pro-tip: If you don’t get an item that gives you more health or greater attacking power on the 1st level, restart. You need to be an unstoppable killing machine by the end. Also, any item that allows you to float is helpful in so many ways.

  • Your wife balances the show out perfectly, she is vital to the health, success and progression of the show. However, Jordan is fucking hilarious and should totally join.

  • Jordan is already busy with his own show, but he does add awesomeness when he shows up. As for Emily, I frickkin’ LOVE her and how funny she is!! I have sought podcasts that she was on without Kumail because she is awesome. She is incredibly fun and gives the show a great female perspective in a mostly male world of console gaming. There are plenty of sausage fest podcasts out there and Emily’s inclusion makes for a great non-sausage balance.

  • you get a 1/5 for your efforts, sir troll

    PAX was great for me. wish i could have made it to bumbershoot, but for once in my life, work has properly taken priority

  • I find it humorous that John Hodgman played games on Macintosh. Obviously he was just playing a character, but its just one of those mental links that will probably always be there.

  • Just listening to the podcast now but wanted to thank Kumail for going on in other podcasts about the show Psych. Saw it on netflix and decided to watch it based on hearing it on the podcast and never looked back.

  • What you were Seattle, but didn’t tell me? I could have hosted you guys, and/or recommended great places to eat, especially since I live in Queen Anne. (That is where Bumbershoot is.)

    Are you guys avoiding me… again? Guys c’mon was the restraining order even necessary? I be sad.

    Oh I disagree with @a concerned listener. He doesn’t seemed to be concerned or a listener… but maybe he is in fact… (cue sound fx music) Jordan Morris.

  • Emily- stick with Binding of Isaac! There are tons of unlockables, so you’ll start finding better and better items. Between that and getting better, you’ll be able to make good progress most runs – and some item combinations are just devastating.

    @#1 – just saying “no offense” doesn’t make something inoffensive.

  • @gorillahands I hear what you are saying, but believe this is a clever ploy. You are also…(again cue Sound FX music) Jordan Morris attempting subterfuge to throw us off the scent. In fact I have a depressing thought you perhaps every one on this message board is Jordan Morris but me.

    You cannot and will not win Jordan Morris… no matter what Lex Luthorian plots you put into motion.

  • I just want people to stop sniffing in the mics… its gross. Blow your nose. (This goes for all podcasts everywhere)

    Other than that, great podcast.! Binding of Isaac was much harder than I ever expected it to be. Still haven’t reached Mother but one day… one day…
    Once I learned they made Super Meat Boy I had to pick that up from Steam as well. Both amazingly fun games!

  • How can you dislike Emily!!!!! I was frankly, incredibly relieved when she replaced allie. I love this podcast. I dont even listen to other nerdist podcasts. I subscribe to EVERY episode of Indoor kids, pick and choose nerdists (Love hostfuls, hate guests I’m not interested in), and check a few sex nerd sandras.

  • Emily is amazing. I got the opportunity to meet her at one of Kumail’s shows in Chicago this year at Up Comedy Club. Got to goof off about the Journey thing with the two of them, and they’re as genuine, fun, funny and warm as they seem on the podcast in person, even for fans they’ve only just met.

    Package deal. Emily is just as awesome as Kumail, and I wouldn’t have the podcast any other way. Keep it up guys! :)

  • I finished listening to this episode last week and since I definately want to go to PAX at some point on my life (not a US-resident) this episode was very entertaining for me to get the hang of the event.

    Plus, pretty much all “showfloor interviews” were awesome.

    You guys rock ! =D