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Episode 5: The Indoor Kids
Jordan Morris
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #5: Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!) talks about his Top 5 fighting games, video gaming as a spectator sport, and who he would want to dress up as at Comic-Con. (Hint: It involves millions of dollars in research and development.)

Follow @Jordan_Morris on Twitter and listen to his podcast Jordan, Jesse, Go!

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  1. WetNightmare says:

    Clearly have no understanding of fighting games :p

    2D vs 3D has no bearing on the complexity of the game itself, mechanics-wise. Tekken is super deep.

    I love you guys anyway!

  2. Pedak says:

    I listened to this on my Zune!

  3. Jai Krisn Kumar says:

    Hi, there, not to belabor a point… since I am sure you got so much flak…but Starcraft 2 kinda is the national sport of Korea… top gamers are celebrities there and actually date popstars and stuff…. kinda bizarre, they get as much love as pro basketball players in America. Anyway I hate playing RTS games and it seems weird that watching it would be entertaining….but it so is… I think its cos theyre pros. They dont play in the slow stilted way , you and I would. It is strangely awesome. I think people got mad cos you and Jordan railed at it quite a bit… but I get where you were coming from. :) great podcast keep on truckin!

  4. Pfhor the Win says:

    Street Fighter III:3rd Strike Pfhor the Win! Best fighting game ever, along with Vampire Savior :) Still play 3rd Strike in tournaments. Played both on GGPO, and now play 3rd Strike Online on XBL.

    KoF ’98 and 2002UM are both on XBLA, and are great. King of Fighters XIII is a fantastic game as well. Can’t wait for it to come to consoles. I’ve been playing XIII in tournaments a bit lately, and I really enjoy it. Exited to sit down with it at home and really train.

  5. croon says:

    I just reread the comments and as per internet usual I just got straight to the point without conveying any appreciation, so here goes: Awesome show K-dog and A-bizz.
    I will however reiterate that I honestly believe it would be super awesome if you had Sean “day[9]” Plott on the show because he’s a great personality, knows a lot of games outside of starcraft and is just awesome in general (and I believe he lives in or near LA).

  6. plopper says:

    way to shit on something you’re totally ignorant of guys, this was my first and last time listening.

  7. Walter T says:

    Checking in to make sure you that you guys are getting harassed for besmirching the starcraft community. I can’t front if the shoe was on the other foot and you guys were making fun of video games I would be salty with nerd rage too.

    “High level StarCraft matches are the fastest matches you’ll ever see, while high level Street Fighter fights are the slowest you’ll ever see.”

    The top 8 at last months Evo world championship for Super Street Fighter 4 had an average of 48 seconds per round ( a match = best 2 out of 3 rounds). Got that info from here Stat series: 8-4-11

    You can also check out the grand finals for first and third place that was best 3 round out of 5 and it is still less than ten minutes.

  8. croon says:

    I concur with rockumus, xsplit for 40 bucks and using and you’re set.

  9. yall so need a live chat during the show……. so much i wanted to tell you guys during this one

  10. croon says:

    Google and watch day9 daily #100, and i dare you not to want the guy (sean) on the podcast. Ps. The games are usually 8-20 mins, topping at around 45.

  11. Matthew says:

    I just re-read my previous post and thought it came off a little pissier than I had hoped, so I just wanted to clarify:

    Starcraft is something that literally hundreds of thousands of people watch regularly. There are even YouTube casters for SC2 with over 500,000 subscribers and over 200 million video views (HuskyStarcraft).

    I understand that not everyone can like everything, I just felt that you were shitting all over it without knowing anything about it or giving it a shot.

    Again, I don’t mean to complain about this too much. I still love the podcast and hope you continue to do well!

  12. Matthew says:

    Was pretty unhappy about all of the shitting on SC2 as well. I understand that it’s harder to get into since it is more complicated than an FPS or fighting game, but it really isn’t that difficult.

    Sean Plott (Day9) lives in LA, so he presumably would be able to come in; but after this podcast, I’m pretty sure it’s not something you would really be interested in

  13. Lucre says:

    Fun facts about Zune
    1- I’m the other guy who owns one
    2- It was sold in French Canada under the name “Zune”.

    First fact, not so fun.

    Second fact is fun when you realize that for French Canadians the word “zune” kinda refers to your genitals (in a childish “weewee, peepee” kind of way). So there is an outside chance that the guy who offered Ali to “Compare zunes” might have wanted to check out her junk.

  14. Ryan says:


  15. Serx says:

    Second Carlos–you need to have Day 9 on your show. The guy is actually really funny and would happily break it down for you. Plus, I guarantee he’s into other games too.

  16. Mik says:

    Guys…if your going to talk about a topic, please do your research before you say anything. I love the show but sometimes I get angry when you have no idea what your talking about. I hope you know that Starcraft is the national sport of korea (just an example of what I’m referring to) and I hope they all come and slap you in the face….keep up the good work!!!!

  17. Adam says:

    Ali dressed up as princess peach? This deserves the obligatory “Pics or it didn’t happen”!

  18. From Iowa says:

    Guys Des Moines has way more than a hundred thousand people. Please come visit and we’ll go drink a boot of beer.

  19. Flat magician says:

    I ws wondering if you guys had played either of my 2 favorite games, Team Fortress 2 and minecraft. Definitely check out TF2 if you haven’t because it is now free.

  20. Ben Haymen says:

    I like the idea of talking about movie tie-in games since they have a history of being awful. The best example of this would be Spyhunter with The Rock. It doesn’t get any worse than a game based on a movie that was never released based on a remake of a game. Hilarious

  21. Ben Haymen says:

    I was never too interested in fighting games until SF4 came out and now I love them. I play that and MK9 all the time. I suck at them still but I always feel a small sense of victory if they don’t get a perfect or flawless victory on me. I’ll keep practicing though.

    I think it would be interesting to hear about any video games you beat on accident. The one that comes to mind for me is Final Fantasy IX. I played through the whole game and made it to the final boss but wasn’t done leveling up my characters and finding the best weapons and all that other fun side stuff. Yet I thought I would try and fight the boss just to see what was up thinking I was no where near powerful enough to actually defeat it. Well I was and I was kind of bummed that I didn’t get to beat the game in the way I wanted too. I would love to hear your stories if you have them. Keep up the great work

  22. Fookinese says:

    Killer Instinct, Clay Fighters and Primal Rage!

  23. SHOGUN says:

    I would love for there to be a forgotten and obscure fighting games episode!

    Games like the aforementioned Eternal Champions, Tuff e Nuff, Double Dragon Tournament Fighters, Star Gladiator, Fighters History, World Heroes series, Time Killers, War Gods, Ranma 1/2 games, Ergheiz, Battle Arena Toshinden, and Dynasty Warriors which eventually evolved into a completely different game as the series progressed.

    Oh and don’t forget some of the more recent “Poverty Fighters” like Melty Blood, Arcana Heart and the upcoming SkullGirls!

  24. Smirlax says:

    I was kinda surprised Bloody Roar wasn’t mentioned until Kumail just did here in the comments. What a weird/fun game that I’ve spent hours playing. I’m also glad Jordan mentioned SSBB because I don’t think the smash bros series gets enough credit from the hardcore gaming community as being incredibly replayable and borderline addictive.

    Also, as an avid SC2 player and watcher, I’ve got to say its the most enveloping game I’ve ever played. The strongest eSports community is the Korean Starcraft Community, where matches are shown on TV constantly and in the first year of SC2, 4 people made 6 figures off of just prizes (not including team wages or endorsements).

  25. SHOGUN says:

    The best fighting games are:

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    Street Fighter III Third Strike
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Capcom vs SNK 2
    King of Fighters 98

    We’ll see how Street FighterxTekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and King of Fighter XIII turn out.

  26. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Rob, unless they decided to take the name in new directions (I haven’t followed FF since Real Bout,) I’m sure “garou” comes from the series’ Japanese name “Garou Densetsu;” in English, “Legend of the Lone Wolves.” (Garou literally means hungry wolf, but the idea is the same.)

  27. Carlos says:

    Kumail, you have to have Day[9] ( on, one of the leading SC2 esport commentators. He’ll explain the appeal of it and dispel your guys rampant misconceptions. Respectfully, you guys don’t know what you are talking about. It’s not just “resource mismanagement”.

  28. Spraynardtatum says:

    Loving the podcast you guys. I am a big gamer and love the laid back atmosphere you guys put off. It seems like I’m one of you and was hoping I could join the cast… or you know what. I’ll just listen because it’s a fantastic show.

    I can’t wait to tune in come october and november once all the huge games come out so I can hear what you guys have to say about them. You should do something special for it and discuss one game per episode or something because I am excited for nearly all of them. Anyways again it is a wonderful podcast and I can’t wait to hear what you have in store next week. Work is bearable because of you guys.

  29. Jred Schott says:

    I love this podcast so much. Ali tried her best to get the guys to understand that watching competitive RTS can be fun if given the chance, lol.

    Also, how do you guys rank or categorize Boxing games specifically Fight Night. Fighting game? Sport? Both? And does anybody here play it? I personally love it!

  30. Peter Gonda says:

    Ali there are many great learning resources for Sc2, the best is Day9 was at MLG casting matches and he is one of the best teachers in the sc2 world. Also is the site for all starcraft needs from finding streams to forums and tournament schedules. and for an MLG like tourneyment but with higher play would be the GSL (gomtv star league) on but its on during korean prime time aka the middle of the night.

  31. Brad says:

    @Psi Guy
    The theme song is “Danger Mountain” by Anamanaguchi. The podcast presents it in mono, so when you hear it in stereo you may like it even more.

  32. Teddy Mayfield says:

    I like watching starcraft 2 even though I am terrible at the game. It is big in South Korean where it is nationally televised. I love that they spent so much time crapping on it because it just shows me how big of nerds they are (which I like). It is just a nerdy thing to do… taking something you like (fighting games) and crap on something very similar (starcraft 2) to make their thing better. On the face level they look different but in order to play them on that level you have to be very good. Keep up the good work indoor kids.
    P.S. SC2 ftw

  33. Rob O. says:

    Anonymous Burrito: Isn’t “Garou” a French word?

    Also – Kumail & Ali@ A topic for consideration: Games that were your biggest time sinks. What were they, and which if any, have been worth it in retrospect? MMOs, Fb games, Minecraft — all good nominations for time sinks. What do the Indoor Kids think of games that are obviously designed to suck away your time? Are these games good for their intended purpose (to waste time) or is there something more sinister lurking beneath their concepts?

  34. Anonymous Burrito says:

    “Gah-roo,” “nye-ann,” this podcast’s butchering of Japanese does not leave my dick hard.

    Also, Terry, Kim, Ralf. (haven’t played KOF much since ’97 or ’98)

  35. Kevin says:

    As a Korean, the SC2 segment stung for a second, but ultimately, it was pretty hilarious. I just find it so ironic that Ali was the only girl at the SC2 tournament, when in Korea, these same players have crowds of women. Unfortunately, I suck hard at that game. Side note: I honestly think I can be less of a Korean for sucking at StarCraft.

    Jordan’s analogy of Street Fighter games/NBA and Madden games was spot on. It’s refreshing to hear your guys’ podcast because you guys are honest about your knowledge of gaming. Please do a ‘Forgotten Fighting Games’ episode! You guys should also talk about minigames that are sometimes better than the actual game it’s within, like the Fly Swatter minigame in ‘Mario Paint’. Keep up the good work!

  36. Psi guy says:

    Lov the show. My 3rd favorite podcast after nerdiest and cagcast.
    Keep up the good work.
    Question: What is your theme song? I listen to it over and over again just for the beginning. Please let me know.

    This kinda podcast is what we need more style of.
    Not boring structued ones.
    Do u guys play psp games?
    Also do anything fun in AZ?
    Live in Phoenix.

  37. Brad says:

    Oooh, oooh! Me going back to movie-based video games, The Godfather game was awesome! Yes, I’m aware the movie is based on a novel.

  38. Farnsinator says:





  39. Tom, again says:


    High level StarCraft matches are the fastest matches you’ll ever see, while high level Street Fighter fights are the slowest you’ll ever see.

    Mind = blown?

  40. Tom says:

    All guffaws and giggles aside, I think what really makes SC2 watchable is the commentary.

    Like everyone on the podcast, I can’t stand playing RTS games. Despite my inability to find joy in chess-like pre-cooked strategies/build orders, I’ve had a good time watching some of the MLG matches. That’s mostly because the commentary lets me know whether I should be impressed by that huge swarm of bugs/robots, or should be scoffing at the foolishness of the gambit.

    Also, I couldn’t tell if it was part of the picking-on-Ali-bit, or if you guys really didn’t know about the craziness that is Korean StarCraft? It’s like a whole other world, there. People make fortunes playing StarCraft professionally. The Korean mafia is even known to try to get a taste of the riches.

    Then again, Korea is also a place where people believe that leaving a fan on in an enclosed room will suffocate you in your sleep.

    Korean fan death. Look it up!

  41. Zach says:

    A few ideas for the future (and I love the podcast so far):
    1. Community play dates, like a fighting game tourney online
    2. History of sports games (like you did with fighting games)
    3. A very in depth look at NBA 2k12 when it comes out
    4. A movie tie-in game podcast
    5. To tie in to Franklin and Bash- a lawyer/law focused podcast, Phoenix Wright, etc

    Keep up the great work.

  42. smartbunny says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Jordan!

  43. Brad says:

    It may be an unpopular opinion, but a favorite movie-based game of mine is Enter the Matrix. Then again, I have never been one to pay attention to the storyline, so in that regards it could have been crap. Also, the Home Alone 2 game for NES was one of my first games, so that’s another one of my favorites.

    An episode about forgotten fighting games would be cool. Really, you could do that for any genre of gaming and I’d be on-board. You could even do an ep (or more likely a couple minutes) about device gaming, like iPhone/Android games you guys like or think are little-known for the more casual gamers. Or maybe an ep about the games you never were able to beat, possibly because you were too young to know what you were doing. That was the case for me with Maniac Mansion and A Boy and His Blob. I probably still couldn’t beat those.

  44. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    HighonFailure, Power Stone 2 was amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! Very unique and awesome.

    jon, we didn’t mean to shit on people who play SC2, we were just making fun of people for watching it as a sport. Actually, we were just making fun of Ali for watching it. More than anything, it was just us teasing Ali. No harm intended.

    Ben Z, totally agree about Arkham. Great game, but the detective mode meant I spent way too much time looking at it in funky colors/graphics. Hope they find a way to not have that be the case in the next one.

    Oh, btw, is there any interest in an episode about “forgotten” fighting games? I am thinking Clay Fighters, Killer Instinct, Eternal Champions, TMNT: Tournament Fighters, Bloody Roar etc. Let us know. Or if you have ideas for other episodes as well. Game genres/topics we can discuss.

    And thanks for listening!


  45. Rob O. says:

    Excellent episode.

    And I used to really like Bubsy. Almost as much as I liked Jazz the Jackrabbit.

  46. Ben Z says:

    First, Chris Evans really looked like the buff version of Cap. He put on 15 pounds of muscle and got ripped.

    Second, Detective Mode was a negative for me on Arkhan Asylum. The environments were beautiful, but there was no need to not play in detective (aka x-ray) mode. That took away from the game for me (not that it wasn’t awesome). Tactical Vision in Captain America is better (if you don’t have it set to auto) IMO because it worked like sending out sonar. It would pop things up temporarily, not just have you using x-ray vision the whole time.

    The Captain America game was a fun rental, and played like AA. I wouldn’t say it is near as good, but it was worth the rental.

  47. jon says:

    there sure was an inordinate amount of time spent shitting on people who watch and play sc2.

  48. Highonfailure says:

    Best fighting game I ever played was PowerStone 2 on the Dreamcast.

    I spent countless hours playing with 2-3 other friends. It was an easy pick up and play game. Yet there were thousands of items you could build. The levels were one of a kind, Starting out on an airship, from there it blows up and your fighting while parachuting. Insane

    They need to add this to the Xbox marketplace. Or do a 3.

  49. Miles S. says:


  50. Amanda says:

    Loving the Indoor Kids! Can’t wait for Kumail to come to SF; I’m buying tickets for the show now!