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The Indoor Kids #154: E3 Part 2 and more with a Cavalcade of Stars
Episode 154: The Indoor Kids
E3 Part 2 and more with a Cavalcade of Stars
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #154: E3 Part 2 and more with a Cavalcade of Stars

Kumail and Emily had so much to do at E3 that they couldn’t cram it in to one episode! This week, you’ll come with them as they tour the Midwest, and then you’ll jump back in time and come with them as they go to parties at E3, walk the floor at E3, and run into buddies like Malik Forte, Troy Baker, Zach Woods, Kyle Hilliard of Game Informer, and more!

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  1. farleykj says:

    I can’t believe you guys saw Grabbers. I just watched that about two weeks ago, and was sad that I’d probably be the only person I ever knew who saw it. Plus, your description of it was perfectly lacking of anything that might give a hint of the goings-on.

    • farleykj says:

      Upon reading this, I realized I might have been vague. What I meant was you kept any plot points that would have ruined it to yourselves. I loved the movie. Take a movie that’s funny to start with, make it in Ireland, and it is that much funnier.

  2. Kevin says:

    WTF you’re going to open up with an anti-cheese curd platform here? I’m from Wisconsin. This is a travesty.

  3. Your Midwest tour should come to Kansas City, we will love you very long time. :3  With that said:  Thanks for another great episode guys, take care!

  4. Noel says:

    Great E3 show guys. I’m looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, it looks so colourful for a shooter which is rare these days. Mortal Kombat X does look amazing. I watched this video which has heaps of gameplay in it.

  5. Andrew says:

    Re: Intro Kids — That’s a billboard for the Deke Slayton Memorial Space & Bicycle Museum you just passed.  I see that sign every time I drive from the Twin Cities to the east coast.  I’ve never been to the museum myself.  I just can’t imagine it’s better than what exists in my head.

  6. Mr.B says:

    Well, in my opinion, this new animated “Ninja Turtles” is so good, that it might be the best version of TMNT so far. It’s funny, it’s very nerdy (ninjas, aliens, multiverse and lots of mutants). It connects ideas from all sources, from original comic to all animated series and movies.

    Recently they introduced something as crazy as Tiger Claw: mutaded tiger, with laser pistols and jetpack. Yeah. It is awesome.

    Oh, and Rob Paulsen as Donatello is fantastic.

    PS. Very nice episode, kids!