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The Indoor Kids #149: Time Capsule: Creepy Gaming Stories and Goodbye Kinect with DC Pierson
Episode 149: The Indoor Kids
Time Capsule: Creepy Gaming Stories and Goodbye Kinect with DC Pierson
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #149: Time Capsule: Creepy Gaming Stories and Goodbye Kinect with DC Pierson

Curl up by the fire but leave all the lights on as you listen to this genuinely creepy episode with DC Pierson, in which we discuss some game-related stories that defy explanation… or just a really good haunted cartridge story. Plus you’ll get Intro Kids with Kumail and Emily, in the here and now, discussing Godzilla, Infamous 2, gaming news and more!

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Photo by Tyler Ross


  1. Jashua says:

    DC Pierson’s website needs to be 

  2. @1:35, regarding silhouette video game are you talking about Golgo-13

  3. James says:

    Wait, are you playing InFamous 2 or InFamous Second Son? Either way, both games are great.

  4. Kevin says:

    Lovin you on Silicon Valley dawg. Sure is cool seeing your face every time Game of Thrones ends.

  5. Wildride says:

    It’s surprising that Kumail hasn’t gotten the web domain (via Host Gattor, powered by VeriSign) yet.

  6. litlfrog says:

    Wow, I had not thought of that easter egg in “Adventure” in forever. Adventure was a game where you traveled between different castles looking for magic items and fighting dragons that looked like Big Bird. Pretty sure that 30 years later I could still get through those castles in no time flat.

  7. Jason says:

    Scariest video game story I have is I had just beat one of the first Resident Evil games by playing it for about 4 straight hours.  It was daylight when I started, and very dark when I finished.  I was sitting in the dark living room, watching the credits roll, trying to relax – I really got into those games, and after 4 hours of shit jumping out from closets and through windows, etc, etc, I was just trying to get my blood pressure and everything back to normal.  My wife had been watching me play, and went out of the room.  On her way back in, she ripped the most incredible, gunshot-like FART, and I jumped about 3 feet in the air. 

  8. Noel says:

    This was an awesome episode. So interesting listening to the urban myths that occur from video gaming. Started researching some myself.

  9. Alec says:

    Good job, Kumail. Reggie certainly made an impact.

  10. onReload says:

    so sad i didn’t get in to kumail’s show tonight. was early in the standby line at UCB but they were at capacity.

    did see kumail/emily pass by, and i am always surprised to see how small people are in person. does that make sense? i see people on TV and imagine them as towering figures that i have to look up at. also, pete holmes stopped to talk to a guy next to me – pete looked regular-sized, though.

    i’m tired, but i’m enjoying these intro episodes. also SV is a fantastic show. also, i love new jersey.

  11. liv says:

    glad i found out about kumail through twdg. he finally got me back into nerdist and he’s a really cool dude.