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The Indoor Kids #133: Motivation Farming with Dan Harmon
Episode 133: The Indoor Kids
Motivation Farming with Dan …
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #133: Motivation Farming with Dan Harmon

Today the Kids welcome back Dan Harmon to talk about Community, other TV he’s watching, and the video games he currently has the headspace for. Plus we talk news with Burnside!

Battlefield 4, Borderlands 2, Candy Crush Saga, The Banner Saga, Nintendo World Championship, Batman: Arkham Origins: Blackgate, Paint Dryer, Assassin’s Creed 4, Assassin’s Creed 4, Tetris, Pac Man, God of War, Halo, The Sims, Minecraft, GTA, NBA 2K14, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Terraria, Junk Jack, Junk Jack X, Hay Day, Township, Resident Evil, Fallout: New Vegas, D&D, Skyrim

Community, The Walking Dead, True Detective, Hannibal, Enlisted, Cougertown, Rick and Morty, The Meltdown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Better Off Dead, Mr. Show

Her, The Wolf of Wall Street, Zodiac, Gravity, Seven, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit


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  • When Dan said ” a friend” of his had her therapist kill himself made me think of Sarah Silverman, who I know has talked about it in the past. Unless Dan has had two friends with dead therapists.

  • Awesome podcast crossover. Dan Harmon was recently on one of the best episodes ever of How Did This Get Made? where they analyzed Jack Frost and brought up the quote he used here, “Snow Dad is better than no Dad.”

  • Kinda upset by ‘no Muslim superhero’ talk. Kumail knows better — if there is something more important to do (like save a major city), then Muslims are supposed to skip prayer / fasting. I know Kumail has transcended the faith, and I’m sure his negativity comes from a knowledgeable place. It still sucks to hear the jokes with Islam as the punchline that aren’t founded in reality.

    You start to feel like the world is against you; even to the point that good people will exaggerate your faults.

    I apologize in advance for interloping in your filter bubble and your comedy podcast fun time.

  • Once again I tried to hold my tongue but I can’t do it. Emily – “Nobody well … most of us nowadays don’t make things with our hands for a living.” I hate when people think they are smarter than they actually are. Just because you married a successful comedian and can speak English does not make you an expert on all things. Fuck you Emily.

  • Guys, please, I have to tell you… I want to like you so much, but every goddamn time I try to get back into your podcast, you have to go and ruthlessly shit on something I love.

    A year or so ago, Kumail, I called you out for your take on the first Hobbit film. I said I was tired of this widespread cynical inability to just sit back and enjoy something, and you essentially said that I was wrong for saying you were a symptom of some universal ailment, and that what I was saying was condescending and arrogant. You said that, essentially, you’re a writer, so you know good writing and this wasn’t it. Well, that was a real kick in my balls as an aspiring novelist. But OK. I moved on.

    Well, now you guys swiveled right around into condescending arrogant territory. You guys criticized your critics for “acting like there has to be some big consensus,” but do you realize that is exactly what you guys are doing when you talk about it? You’re trying to prove that the Hobbit is objectively bad.

    THEN there was the claim (originating from Dan, so taken with a grain of salt; I love him and look up to him, but he has notorious mouth diarrhea) that we’re simply tolerating bad stuff because we like nerd culture. THAT is arrogant as hell. When I’m watching the Hobbit films, I’m enraptured. I’m enthralled. I feel like a kid again. I’m not blurring my eyes at it so that I’ll love it… I just LOVE it. I have nothing to complain about.

    Re: your nitpicks, just so I don’t go insane, I have to say this: prosthetic hands don’t matter, CG orcs don’t matter, good-looking dwarves don’t matter, big set pieces aren’t inherently evil, Legolas would’ve been in the rewrite Tolkien planned before he died, they made a minor character female and gave her a story so as not to be totally fucking archaic and sexist, and all of the Gandalf stuff comes from the LotR appendices so if anything your beef is with having the curtain pulled back on Tolkien, not with Peter Jackson.

    But that doesn’t matter. My point is, I look to your show to try and have a single fucking moment to escape the goddamn depression and anxiety that fills my days. That’s what your show used to do for me, and it was marvelous, but now you guys can’t go a single fucking show without shitting all over something. I’m glad your life is happy enough that you can afford to seek creative perfection from all of your entertainment, but personally, I just want to be able to enjoy some high-fantasy escapism without noticing every cynical nitpick somebody else has.

    And yeah, people can say it’s a free show and you can do whatever you want, but at that point, what’s the point of doing it? I don’t say this as some surfacey, critical “internet guy,” but as somebody who used to and wants to fucking LOVE you guys so much. Listening to your discussions got me through some awful, awful times, and when you talk about positive subjects, I absolutely love it. But I just can’t listen when it’s 50/50 positive/negative. I’ve got enough negative.

  • Now, somebody tell me I’m full of shit for complaining. Bring it on. But I hope somebody can at least see that I’ve formed a whole thought here, not just reacted off the cuff.

  • @Gooseganja, instead of indulging in self-righteousness, you could always look at statistics comparing the proportion of manufacturing jobs to services providing jobs. It can feel amazing to let yourself feel angry and indignant, but if you are deliberately ignoring contrary information, then you get all the downsides of any cowardly behavior. In effect, you make a tool of yourself for any Machiavellian actor to exploit.

  • @RG, If you like something as much as you seem to like The Hobbit then whenever someone doesn’t like it, you’re always going to find their reasons to be “nit picky”.

    If you have a problem with someone ever disagreeing with you, maybe a podcast in which the hosts share their opinions on a number of different art forms isn’t for you.

  • Is there at least one game where you start off with all your powers/weapons but the obstacles set before you are crazier then you could have anticipated? If there isn’t there really needs to be.

  • I am SO pumped that there is someone else on this planet who has all the Mr. Show DVD commentaries memorized. I swear I know the commentaries better than the sketches themselves…