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The Indoor Kids #120: Life Tips with Devin Faraci
Episode 120: The Indoor Kids
Life Tips with Devin Faraci
The Indoor KidsThe Indoor Kids

The Indoor Kids #120: Life Tips with Devin Faraci

Today we welcome back our old pal Devin Faraci, Badass in Chief of Badass Digest, to the show to talk about anything from GTA torture to weight loss tips to the problem with fandom. Plus we play a Twitter game all about your biggest gaming disappointments.

GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Simpson’s Tapped Out, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3 D Land, Paper Mario, Beyond: Two Souls, Mass Effect

Unforgiven, The Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth, Martyrs, Schindler’s List, Ant-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor, Man of Steel, The Mafu Cage, Black Devil Doll From Hell (not Black Devil Doll), Pieces, May, Carrie, Blow Out, Orphan, The Orphanage, Cannibal Ferox (Make Them Die Slowly), Cannibal Holocaust, Hostel, Hostel Part II, Cabin Fever, Severance, The Wrestler, The King of Kong, and Zero Charisma

Cujo, Doctor Sleep

Tropes vs. Women


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  • Yeah!!! I get to listen to this later. In other news, your show in Seattle last Friday was awesome. I did get to say hello to Emily after the show. I would have said hello after the show, but had to take my girlfriend home. We laughed hard. We started to suggest horse shows on the way home. My favorite is still “Horse Files.”

  • this morning i woke up to find out that

    – 2 kids were killed in a school shooting

    – 300 elephants were poisoned with cyanide by poachers

    – and that PARKS and REC was just canceled.

    you guys are all i have now :))

    thank you.

  • Parks and Rec wasn’t canceled, they just decided to delay the next three episodes for The Voice and an SNL rerun. Does it bode well for the best show on their network? No. But it will be back in November.


  • I’ve recently discovered and started marathoning this podcast. Kumail’s friggin’ hilarious and Emily Gordon’ s the bees knees! Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  • I tweeted this at you guys, but since you were on the subject; Noroi: the Curse is worth watching if you haven’t seen it. By far and away my favorite found footage film (although VHS 2 is up there as well) and it is the only horror movie I’ve watched since I was 13 that actually freaked me out when I went to get water in the middle of the night.

    They use the found footage trope in a beautiful way to show the progression of what boils down to a detective and his investigation.

    Also, in reference to the article citation discussion.

  • “I saw Thor and I was like, Jesus Christ! and then I saw Superman and I was like, Holy Fuck!” – Kumail Nanjiani, host of the Superbods Podcast

    The little girl in Orphan was in Clove in Hunger Games!

  • In the morality RPGs, I always play as a bad dude (in homage to the old NES/arcade game), but when I’m a good, I play as a woman. Because men are destroyers and women help create. Which I guess makes me kind of sexist to make this assumption, but I’ve always thought that woman are more likely to sacrifice something from themselves or to empathize with someone before resorting to baser instincts. Again, a sexist assumption on my part.

    And to match this, I flipped the Mass Effect 3 cover inside out so it’s fem Shep on the cover.

    Also, Mafu Cage is on YouTube in its entirety.

    Make Them Die Slowly

    I can’t really recommend either since I’ve never see them myself, but while it was being discussed, I did some research.

    Sweet ep guys! Loved hearing from Devin again.

    P.S. – I visited L.A. and stopped by Meltdown Comics as a landmark sight. I’m from Maine and due to this podcast, I put that on my list of places to see.

  • The Chicago area is basically covered in haunted houses at the moment. Six Flags Great America has Fright Fest every year (haunted houses, lots of people in zombie and monster make-up invading your personal space, backwards roller coasters, ect), Navy Pier has a zombie-themed haunted house, and the rest are either stand-alone situations or at farms.

  • Having to really want to change is huge. I’ve tried the should thing. I’ve started and stopped so many diets and exercise programs just because every once in a while I’ll get it in my head that I should stop eating like a self-destructive diabetes-baiting asshole–but it never sticks. I get miserable after a while and go back to what feels good. In fact, the feeling good starts as soon as I quit. Like saying “fuck you” to someone telling you what you should do feels good.

    Should doesn’t work–even if it’s you telling you what you should do. At least it’s never worked for me. I think I just have to keep doing terrible things to myself until it feels worse than change. I think that’s how this thing goes.

    Anyhoo. Another good one with Devin. He’s right that Badass Digest has a lot more to offer than film stuff. I see like three movies a year and it’s one of my favorite sites.

  • I am very much enjoying this episode. I like these episodes that are a little deeper and analytical. Could I make a suggestion? It would be interesting to have Anita on the show (long shot) or Kyle Bosman. Never heard of him, he’s awesome. Check him out on Twitter.

  • I actually started getting back into video games because I heard they were becoming an art form.
    I know a female who is being in games and says she resents being compared to someone as self-righteous as Sarkesian (no one deserves rape threats though).
    It’s so cool to hear a nerdy guy talk about weight watchers success. I know it’s usually women who talk about it and weightwatchers is trying to use more athletes to get more men in (I don’t care about sports).

  • Kumail…i love UNFORGIVEN as well. That story…its just an epic western man.

    Oh, and your guest…actually made some influences tonight. I never looked at the “objectification” thing from the “dreamboat version” of batman scenario. I will think harder when designing my female hero’s :)

    Rationality…it changes minds!

    BTW: Not promising anything…there still might be some smexyness goin on…but i get it ! Oh, and huge throbbing cock with eyes for emily LOL. :)

  • I frequently play as a woman in video games, doing so mainly for the interactions. I had no idea that dialogues were written so differently, the biggest being: Resident Evil: 2. Mass Effect: 3 was just an amazing expression of passion and power in voice and character. Though different reasons for different genders, I feel Men have the ability to be curt and use one word to express everything. While Women have the ability to convey thought and emotion into a myriad of words. When I play femshep, I feel so much emotion and strength in everything she says I enjoy playing as her.

  • What would be the use of protesting though, Kumail & Co? All that it does is leave you open from criticism from gamers who feel that it is not a big deal when this thing you feel that is important is minimized in a game. So either way, you lose in the end.

  • It’s impossible to say anything of any substance without opening yourself up to criticism. More addictive than heroin, fast food, and video games combined is the status quo and people get downright nasty when their addictions are threatened. So I guess losing in the end depends on how define a win.

  • Everyone need to put this in the YouTube search “GTA 5 Michael, Franklin and Trevor in the Flesh HD 720p” , Its an interview done by IGN. Its so cool to see the voice actors for GTA V.

  • Are there any articles about feminism in video games that focus on jrpgs like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger? They have their own sexist tropes to be sure, but they also feature strong, intelligent female protagonists.

  • I enjoy the “is it art” argument. I am a graphic designer, which means I have a Fine Arts degree, but I do not think graphic design is art.

    Do I treat graphic design as art? Yes I do. I don’t hang traditional paintings in my house. I have posters and other things done by graphic designers I like. So I personally treat graphic design like art, but I don’t believe it is art.

  • seconding Blow-Out. SUCH an underrated movie. Also, one of my favorite weirdo thriller/horrors is “The Tenant.” Polanski being really fucking weird while playing the main character

  • Props to Devin for mentioning ORPHAN. That is one of the most fun, well-acted and directed piece of trash in many years.

    Although it is a good 10-15 minutes too long