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The Incredibles are the Heroes We Need in This DARK KNIGHT-Inspired Mash-Up

The Incredibles are the Heroes We Need in This DARK KNIGHT-Inspired Mash-Up

If there’s one thing we love here at Nerdist, it’s creative fan mash-ups. There was the slew of Power Rangers inspired ones a while back, the Scott Pilgrim/Harry Potter masterpiece from not too long ago, and the Star Wars/Guardians of the Galaxy sucker from the lead-up to the Marvel film’s release. Simply, mash-ups are great because, obviously, they take two great tastes and make them epic by bringing them together, and today is no different as a YouTuber by the name of Bobby Burns has brought together two things we never would have guessed would pair so well: Pixar’s The Incredibles and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight:

Okay, have you got all your fanboy/fangirl screaming and desires for an Incredibles 2 worked out? Cool, because we need to acknowledge the absolute editing brilliance happening in this video. While, of course, if one added the Dark Knight trailer music to most anything it would make said thing intensely dramatic and series, it’s surprising to see how well the story of Syndrome fits into the tone of the trailer. His character comes off just as menacing as Heath Ledger’s Joker, and that’s no easy feat.

To Bobby Burns, we say great work. To anyone else thinking of putting a mash-up together, we say you have your work cut out for you as the bar has seriously been raised by this one. But, that said, we really want to see what you fine editors can cook up next, so bring it on!

What two properties do you think would mash well together? Let us know in the comments below.