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The Huntress Is Returning To ARROW!

Arguably, one of the best arcs to come out of the first season of The CW’s Arrow has been the relationship between Oliver and Helena Bertinelli, a/k/a The Huntress. The dynamic between the two was a blast to watch, and when The Arrow and The Huntress would take down baddies together, it was a match made in Starling City heaven. But as all good arcs do, The Huntress eventually left Starling City, and Oliver went back to wishing for love from the one he lost, Laurel. But it seems The Huntress isn’t done with Starling City quite just yet.

According to TV Guide, everyone’s favorite Oliver Queen frenemy will return on the March 26th episode of season two, “Birds of Prey” (insert all jokes about former CW series Birds of Prey here). In the episode: Following the arrest of Helena’s father, Frank Bertinelli, The Huntress returns to seek revenge for the killing of her fiancé, but in order to do that, she must go through Oliver and his quiver, as well as Starling City’s newest vigilante, The Canary. Cool enough for you? It should be.

In speaking with TV Guide, Executive Producer Mark Guggenheim said, “We consider Jessica a member of the Arrow family, and we’re looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after.” Of course the executive producer would say that, but the consensus on Arrow is that it’s one of the — if not the — best comic-book shows currently running on television. The Huntress is a fantastic character for a host of reasons, badassness being the main one. There’s no doubt that any episode featuring her return will feature a lot of arrows, form-fitting costumes, and lots and lots of dead mobsters.

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  1. Goosewine says:

    whoops, replace CB with CW, unintentionally mashed CW with WB.

  2. Goosewine says:

    Also not looking forward to this. Not sure what it is about CB shows, but the cinematography (right word?) makes all the conversational shots look the same. Its almost always covering the actors from the chest up at the same angle. Actually goes for most CB shows I’ve seen. Maybe they do it to cut costs or as some kind of signature but it really starts to get boring. Also wish everything wasn’t as glossy, but that also seems to be a CB requisite. Still the best live-action comic book show I’ve seen.

  3. 619! says:

    I completely agree with you PainfulReality. I am not looking forward to this. I also have the same feelings toward Black Canary. Can’t stand either of those characters. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to have a awesome, strong, kick-ass, female character but they can’t seem to do it on Arrow. At least it is still way more entertaining than Agents of Shield.

  4. PainfulReality-man says:

    The character is not only terribly written, and unbelievable even in a work of fiction (Oliver trained 5 years, but she was really mad at her dad for a couple of years and is supposed to be his equal), but she is terribly–HORRIBLY acted to boot. I will be glad when the show sees the end of her character. Episodes featuring her are my least favorite of all. What’s incredible about her bad acting is that it makes Stephens mediocre acting even worse! That’s bad chemistry on top of bad acting, and bad writing (the Huntress).

  5. Bill T. says:

    Sooo looking forward to this.