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THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY Director Says There Will Be Surprises for Fans of the Book

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY Director Says There Will Be Surprises for Fans of the Book

As fans of the book and film series know, The Hunger Games movies are following the trend of splitting the last book of source material into two films. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits theaters on November 21st, and there’s some question as to how the story from Mockingjay will be split between Parts 1 and 2. Director Francis Lawrence thankfully isn’t giving any specifics away on the ending of Mockingjay – Part 1, but I’m not worried given the chilling and fantastic way he wrapped up Catching Fire. However, Lawrence did speak with Entertainment Weekly about some differences between the book and the films.

So far, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) has gone through hell repeatedly, and losing Peeta to the Capitol has damaged her. In the Mockingjay book, we see Katniss pushed into the spotlight in the rebellion as a symbol of hope. She becomes the Mockingjay for the sake of those fighting back. Francis Lawrence says they’re diving into the heart of conflict in Mockingjay – Part 1: “There’s definitely some battles. There’s some of the first glimpses of real war in this movie. And the scale gets quite big.”

He says there aren’t any major changes from the book, but there are naturally alterations. Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) has an expanded role, as does President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore). Beyond that, Lawrence did create new elements that will surprise those who have already read the books by Suzanne Collins. Lawrence states, “Instead of changing the plot and changing characters what we did was have the opportunity to show scenes that could have been happening at different times in the book.”

Lawrence also confirmed Parts 1 and 2 will have “two different, very distinct stories.” I’m guessing the second part will center on a certain revelation. Ahem.

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HT: Entertainment Weekly