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“The Hobbit” in Three Parts

It has been rumored for a while that The Hobbit would become three movies, and in a Facebook post today, Peter Jackson has confirmed that this indeed the case.  This could make The Hobbit as long as Lord of the Rings.  Is there enough material in The Hobbit and appendices to Lord of the Rings to make the movies appealing to the casual moviegoer as well as the die=hard Tolkien fan?  Let us know what you think about this development in the comments section.

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  • I just like imagining that math for LOTR and having 9 movies in that series. If they did that for everything, Game of Thrones would be on for 67 seasons.

    That being said, I’m still excited. In Jackson we trust.

  • I don’t like it, The Hobbit kind of had two acts anyways. I always felt that the time in the Wood Elf caves was a dividing line in the story. Not sure how they’ll make three movies out of it, the cuts would have to be kind of awkward I imagine.

  • I think there’s more than enough very interesting material in the LoTR Universe to do this. PJ has stated that they’ll be going into more detail on some of the events chronicled in the appendices as well.

    We’ve seen what Peter Jackson has done with this world thus far. If those works have appealed to you, casual movie viewer, as they did to me (die-hard JRRT fan) and millions of other money-spending moviegoers, I’d say trust Jackson do this the way he wishes.

    In closing,


  • I would definitely be interested in seeing more of the lore from the Silmarillion being brought forward. It definitely helped me put Smaug in perspective when I read it.

  • The source material is good, but it isn’t THAT good. This trilogy is going to be boring as fuck. Three times more boring that snooze-fest LOTR trilogy, by my calculations.

  • Yeah, its my understanding that even the first 2 hobbit films that just wrapped filming were more than The Hobbit. I think as early as when Guillermo Del Torro was working on it, the idea was that they’d incorporate parts of other Middle Earth stories. My guess is the third film will probably allow the second Hobbit film to spill over, and still squeeze in a little more content from other Tolkien works.

  • OMFG! Doctor #7 as Radagast makes me forgive the fact he wasn’t in the book! And Barry Humphries as the Goblin King is also genius casting!

    Michael, feel free to stay home, dude. The film will do just fine w/o you.(by MY calculations ;))

  • I thought it was going to be 2 movies. The first movie is done. I don’t know if the 2nd is done… but 2 movies should do it! I don’t want 3. This really sucks.

  • It sounds like the studios are winning over the fans… Qould fans love to see movie after movie after movie of everything and anything… You bet we would… The problem comes with the actual implementation of this and how much it takes away from the energy of the source… In the first three movies I know there was the sense of tension and drudgery but you can only do that so long before it becomes boredom. The length of a movie and the content within it should have a direct reflection on the pace of the movie so you dont lose the audience midway through

  • I’m just about to finish The Hobbit, and I don’t see how in the world it’s going to be in three parts. Two movies I could deal with, but three? Kind of ridiculous in my opinion. But hey, I thoroughly enjoy Tolkien’s work and it will be nice to see his stories come to life for a few more years. I’ll put faith in the franchise for now.

  • I’m a fan of the books. Making three movies out of The Hobbit is all about greed. Two movies I could see, but three? Get ready for lots of long musical numbers and travel scenes. I’ll stick with the cartoon, thanks. It’s a shame too. I appreciated the effort that went into LOTR. I could feel the love. What a shame.

  • So, I love this book and respect that there is quite a bit of content. However, three films seems a bit excessive. Just like everyone else I will go to see them all…I’m sure that my expectations will be exceeded