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The History Of Game Controllers, Ready For Framing

A cool poster charting the evolution of video game controllers, from the rudimentary Pong controllers through red-button joysticks to Kinect? Here you go:

Click to Enlarge -- Graphic by Pop Chart Lab

If you’ve ever been a gamer, you’ll be examining this and counting up all the controllers you ever owned. Because you did.

The poster, an updated version of their poster from last year, is by Pop Chart Lab and it’s selling 24″x36″ signed and numbered prints from a first edition of 1,000 for $30; buy it by clicking here. They’ve also done amazing posters charting things like superpowers, rap names, wrestler names, beer, pop star haircuts, and even the “Migratory Patterns of Fresh Princes,” which actually mirrors my own migratory pattern (just about 30 miles off on each end).

I think I’ll go dig out my Sega Genesis controller now. Just because.

HT: Matthew Grosinger, Kotaku