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“The Hangover 2,” “Fast Five,” and the Best Wedding Proposal of All-Time

Look, girls have it pretty tough. That whole childbirth thing? Not something a man wants to get anywhere within a 38-foot vicinity of. However, one thing guys do have to worry about is the proposal. If you’ve ever watched 15 minutes of any sitcom where even a secondary character gets married, you’ve been taught by society that all proposals must be big-time, goofy, endearing, hopelessly romantic, funny, and going from disaster to success in 30 seconds — and it must be all these things at once. Bar’s pretty high because of pop culture, no doubt.

So this guy in the video above really went all in here: fake movie trailer, aired on the screen, running into the theater, all that. Please note that as of posting, this has 435 dislikes. I guarantee you not a single one of them is a female.