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AMC’s HALT AND CATCH FIRE Trailer is an Extravaganza of ’80s-ness

AMC’s HALT AND CATCH FIRE Trailer is an Extravaganza of ’80s-ness

Ever since David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin put The Social Network out into the world, deep-diving into the machinations of the computer world has become cool (because that is what’s cooler than a million dollars — right, Justin Timberlake?). And Pushing Daisies star Lee Pace wants you to remember the ’80s at its pinnacle: a cacophony of colorful sweaters, synth-y euro-pop tunes, and a veritable feeding frenzy to usher in the future. At least that’s the looks of it per his latest starring vehicle, the new AMC drama Halt and Catch Fire. Man, the world before the Internet was a veritable wild west of tech nerdery.

The premise is simple enough, Joe MacMillan (Pace) — determined, ambitious, and sorta sheisty-sounding — wants to reverse-engineer an IBM PC. Enlisting the help of his buddy Gordon (Scoot McNairy), this band of second-chancers go all-out in an attempt to revolutionize personal computing — even if doing that is, you know, sort of against the rules. But who’s to say what rules stay or go when you’re in uncharted territory and trying to change the world? This one looks complicated, exciting, and true to AMC form.

Halt and Catch Fire premieres Sunday, June 1st on AMC. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Lili says:

    Whatever Lee Pace is selling, I’m buying it. 😉

  2. alogon says:

    I am genuinely excited to watch this show. It was an interesting time and I’m curious to see what AMCdoes with it. Obviously, “fictionalized” but there are lots of great legends and anecdotes from that era that could be amazing to see played out.

  3. Mark S says:

    Lee Pace = must see. Especially considering that he isn’t playing the nice guy this time around.