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The Great Comic-Con Cosplay Video Round-Up

The Great Comic-Con Cosplay Video Round-Up

Comic-Con is the gift that keeps on giving. There’s so much happening at the four day convention that it’s impossible to cover everything immediately. It takes me a couple of months to catch up on the news and interviews from Comic-Con and just as long to go through hundreds of photos and videos featuring cosplay from the event. I can’t get enough and seeing the costumes and images always inspire me to learn new techniques both for making costumes and taking better photos of cosplayers.

And then there are the videos. Pros, amateurs, and people with all skill levels in between take equipment to Comic-Con and record all the creativity on display. Getting good shots is important, but tight editing and some catchy music can round a video out. Those videos are what I watch to see a broad sampling of convention cosplay since I only have to invest a few minutes. We’ve already featured a couple of cosplay videos from Comic-Con (like this one from Sneaky Zebra!), but it just so happens that I’ve rounded-up five more for you to enjoy:

Legendary captures several epic DC Comics costumes in their video:

Aggressive Comix records all kinds of costumes and opens up with a not so much safe for work monologue from a guy dressed as Jules from Pulp Fiction:

Rob Cruz has the cosplayers he films play Rock, Paper, Scissors. For reasons.

Clevver Movies roams far and wide through the convention center to grab footage of cosplayers:

ScreenCrush talks to cosplayers in their video to find out how the costumers made their outfits:

Feeling inspired to make your own cosplay video? Take your smart phone, a GoPro, or whatever recording device you have to the next convention you attend and grab some footage. You’ll only learn by trying! If you end up making a cosplay video, feel free to hit me up on Twitter.


  1. Atte says:

    Nice! I liked the last video, It’s always nice to hear people talk about their choises and process of making the costumes. Good work!