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The Giving Tree Gets Revenge

You read Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” when you were a kid and you saw it as… well, I don’t know what you saw. It was kind of weird, when you think of it. The dude hacked the poor tree down to a stump. (Oh, right, SPOILER AL… nah, too late.) Anyway, what was supposed to celebrate the joy of giving (and giving, and giving) seemed more sinister to some folks, namely our pal, Conan writer Rob Kutner, co-writer Scott Gairdner, and director Brad Schulz, who imagined a very much darker version for the big screen for Funny or Die. Hence, this trailer for a version in which the tree gets revenge for all that “giving.” It’s payback time, Boy.

Good thing it can’t open doors. OR CAN IT?!?



  1. not says:

    idk – that was some bad acting…kinda lame….

  2. Cristian says:

    Tyler Posey is funny in this video

  3. Chris says:

    I was waiting for “clever girl” when the try opens the door. Lol