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A Trailer for THE LEGEND OF KORRA Season Three Has Arrived

A Trailer for THE LEGEND OF KORRA Season Three Has Arrived

It feels like forever since last we saw of Korra and the gang on Nickelodeon’s Last Airbender follow-up, The Legend of Korra. But there’s good news, as production has supposedly wrapped on the new season. That news comes the much better news that we now have our first look thanks to this fan-trailer. Check it out:

As fans will recall from the last finale, Korra left the spirit portals open so humans and spirits could co-exist together instead of having the Avatar be the bridge between them. So, the first question we have to ask is where are all the spirit creatures in this fan-made trailer? There are one or two glimpses of possible new creatures, but it’s not easy to tell if they’re spirits or not. Hopefully we’ll have that answer soon. However, despite the lack of spirits, there’s plenty of humans and cool bending powers on display. Was that the molecular structure of a piece of metal being warped in someone’s hand? We hope so.

Season two took the The Legend of Korra series to a whole new level, and season three looks to be continuing the innovation. The scope of the series looks bigger and better than ever. But, the best part? More Lin Beifong! You may think we’re kidding, but Lin Beifong is the best. More chances to get deeper with her character are more chances to watch her kick metal-bending butt, so it’s totally awesome.

See anything you like in the footage? Let us know in the comments below!