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The First Trailer For SyFy’s Z NATION Arrives

The First Trailer For SyFy’s Z NATION Arrives

Considering the insanely massive success of AMC’s The Walking Dead from both a critical and commercial perspective, it’s no surprise that every network under the sun is trying to get into the zombie killing business. One of the latest contenders for our undead horror-loving hearts is the latest SyFy original series, Z Nation, and now the first trailer for it has officially been released. Check it out:

Beginning three years after the initial zombie outbreak, Z Nation follows a group of travelers that are attempting to get the only known survivor of a zombie attack from New York to California so the last functioning viral lab can analyze his blood and, hopefully, create a vaccine that can put an end to the rising dead madness.

That sounds like a plot right up our alley and, also, zombie baby. Anything that involves a zombie baby is something that we are totally down to watch. Not to mention that SyFy has been doing a fantastic job with their original and acquired series lately. From the currently airing Continuum and Defiance to the soon-to-debut 12 Monkeys, the network’s been going through a vigorous re-branding lately to reposition it as must-watch television, and Z Nation’s looking like another mark for the win column. Not as dark and grim as The Walking Dead, but hopefully just as much fun.

Z Nation premieres in September on SyFy.

What do you think of the first trailer for Z Nation? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. They took the show from the hey you guys podcast’s Zombie Nation Cast! check out episodes 39 – 51 to see what I mean.

  2. Simultaneously gruesome and scintillating…a terrifying tour de force of two worlds at war…one alive and one not.

  3. Simultaneously gruesome and scintillating…a terrifying tour de force of two worlds at war…one alive and one not.

  4. walkdontrun says:

    so they run…

  5. treeserton says:

    Well, if its any good we’ll know soon because it will be cancelled it after a season and a half. If it’s crap they’ll give it 10.

  6. The trailer resembles me “Dead Nation” PS3 game trailer.

  7. Nick says:


  8. whirlaway says:

    AWESOME CAST, terrible CGI.

  9. James O'Rell says:

    Yeah and don’t forget the plot is a direct copy from The Last of Us.

  10. TJ Heesch says:

    this looks terrible. it looks like one of those bad Syfy “original” movies where they think ample amounts of gore can make up for a minimal amount of story and character development. and, while i like those hokey features, i can handle 90 minutes of it…not an entire season of it…i give it 2 months…

  11. I’m wondering why it took so long to get another Zombie show to television after the success of Walking Dead.  You would think there would be tons of knock offs

  12. J Colky says:

    Sounds like the took Dead Island to the mainland