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“The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe” Prequel

Hi folks! Our friends over at the BBC have made and released this lovely prequel to this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special. It features the Doctor in a bit of peril. Go figure.

Intriguing!! Can’t wait to find out what happens.

Remember, the Doctor Who Christmas Special airs on BBC One in the UK at 7pm, BBC America here in the States on December 25th at 9pm/8pm central, and on SPACE in Canada at 9pm eastern. And, in case you forgot, the second Nerdist TV Special will air on BBC America on Christmas Eve at 9/8C as well. Yay for things!

-Kanderson is sipping some egg nog and realizing it’s probably a salmonella factory… ew. Follow him on TWITTER!


  1. Alex Rosenheim says:

    Sorry about the initial negative reaction. Honestly, I am really, REALLY excited that you will be able to do a follow-up episode. I am SURE it will be fantastic!!!

  2. Rob P says:

    omg :) i cant wait

  3. To clarify: Nerdist airs on BBC America Christmas Eve 9/8c. The Doctor Who Christmas Special – the actual episode, not the year-end celebs-and-others-talkin’-Who show – airs on BBC America on Christmas itself (12/25), same time. You’ll see plenty more about both here in the coming weeks, and also at BBC America’s website, where I’ll be crossing over to write some stuff again.

  4. Ryan says:

    “…the second Nerdist TV Special will air on BBC America on Christmas Eve at 9/8C as well.”

    I understand your statement, but they can’t both air at the same time. Should have put at 10/9C no?

  5. Joy A says:

    Ben Z- You are sexy. that is all.

  6. Ben Z says:

    I’m confused, I thought Chris kept saying that the Nerdist would air directly after the DW Special. Maybe he meant the “Best of Christmas” special?

  7. Alex Rosenheim says:

    2nd episode of Nerdist on Christmas Eve? Really? I’m Jewish and even I have plans!

    I’ll DVR it. But please tell Caroline Thomson that I am very disappointed in her for putting your show on then.