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The DESTINY Beta Put Up Marvel-Like Numbers Last Month

The DESTINY Beta Put Up Marvel-Like Numbers Last Month

While Guardians of the Galaxy put up some crazy-high numbers (94 million, holy s***!) in its opening weekend, Bungie recently released a one-sheet showing off some impressive guardian activity of their own. Clearly these guys have a mega-hit on their hands, and according to Bungie, more folks hopped on the Destiny beta last month than on any of their previous full-game releases. That said, I find it important to note for anyone who may be occupying a home beneath a boulder, that Bungie’s past games include Halo titles. Fricking Halo titles, bro.

For a more elaborate look at the whopping success of the Destiny beta, we’ve got that one-sheet that Bungie released on Friday. Take a look:


Damn, son! 6.5 million guardians created and approximately 850 thousand concurrent people playing during its peak time. Those are numbers you don’t often see in this day and age of online console gaming, albeit across multiple platforms. Another sensational factoid here is the amount of people who used Destiny‘s companion app: nearly one million people (966,163) were connected to the game via mobile devices throughout the duration of the beta. This means that people were still engaging with the Destiny universe even when they were away from their game. Because you don’t just play Destiny, folks: you live it. Let’s just hope not too many jobs are lost over full-on addictions to this game.

September 9th, hurry up and get that ass over here, right now! And if my previous testimony about why the Destiny beta was the most successful early access content situation of all time isn’t enough, hopefully these facts further drive my seemingly overstated stance into the skulls of Destiny naysayers everywhere.



  1. Luke says:

    I am displeased with your attempt to draw people into an article about Destiny Beta sats by relating it to Guardians of the Galaxy.

  2. NachoKingP says:

    Yeah, you’re forgetting that while the Halo series was always very popular, it was limited to the Xbox platform (and to a lesser extent PC, but only Halo 1 and 2 were released on PC and even then it was a VERY delayed release, so delayed that the games were barely even relevant any more).  Destiny’s beta was available for free, as Chili said, and across four platforms instead of one.  These kinds of numbers aren’t really that surprising for anyone paying attention.

  3. Chili says:

    Mind blown that a free beta had a lot of players from every current console spectrum playing. No, really, I am amazed.