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The Dark Knight Honor Roll: Gotham High

A surprisingly large swath of the cast of the Dark Knight Trilogy has a history of teen comedies in their filmographies. From Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt in Ten Things I Hate About You to even teen comedy staple Anthony Michael Hall (he played news anchor Mike Engel), the cast has the history to make for one epicly angsty teen comedy. That’s exactly what the folks at Movie Clips Trailers have created in their parody trailer Gotham High. Cramming as many bat-characters into Gotham’s public school system, see where Selina Kyle and the Joker may have first crossed paths with Victor Fries and Pamela Isley. Were Bruce Wayne and Ozzie Cobblepot on yearbook staff together? Did Bane really need to be put in super secret Saturday detention? So many questions and one awesome video to start providing some answers. 

If you want to get even deeper into the teen melodrama of Gotham High, we also recommend Jeffrey Thomas’s interpretation the Dark Knight’s high school escapades, also called Gotham High.


  1. This was fantastically done!!!