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The Dangers of Binge-Watching Television Series

The Dangers of Binge-Watching Television Series

Raise your hand if you indulge in binge-watching television. You should know that you’re not alone. Many of us spend hours or entire weekends on our couch in front of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video. It feels so satisfying to catch up on shows all at once rather than suffering the torture of waiting week to week. But, what if it’s bad for us? A recently released parody from College Humor compares binge-watching to binge-drinking.

After inhaling television for a night, a teenager wakes up with hangover-like symptoms. His eyes hurt from staring at the screen for too long and he hurls upon reflecting on the ending of Dexter. He perfectly describes how easy it is to get sucked into watching just one more episode. Does this feel familiar to any of you?

Though it’s meant to be a funny video – and it absolutely is – it also makes some valid points. One of the benefits of viewing every episode back to back is picking up on clues that you might not have noticed if the episodes were spaced apart. At the same time, rushing through seasons of television means that it all kind of blurs together. I recently watched a few seasons of Psych, and I couldn’t tell you what happened when.

And that bad taste in your mouth? While I haven’t experienced it in a literal sense, I do often end up feeling guilty about binging. However, that isn’t strong enough to stop me from doing it over and over again.

Share your most shameful/impressive binge-watching feats in the comments below. Me? I watched eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother in three weeks.

HT: Laughing Squid

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  1. tyler says:

    24 in 24 hours.  I’m jack bauer and that was the longest day in my life

  2. Skye says:

    3 Seasons of supernatural in the span of a couple weeks, is that bad? I’m watching them all over, one a day.

  3. Sish says:

    All i do is binge watching.. House, games of thrones, himym, friends, south park’ supernatural and the list goes on n on n on

  4. Briseis says:

    Try Binge watching this series when its renewed . I’d love to see that! 

  5. Win4You says:

    I watched the whole series of supernatural in about a month then my husband and I binged on the entire series of breaking bad in about two weeks.. yep money well spent on extra cups of coffee during those times  lol

  6. Anonymoose says:

    I binge watched all 5 seasons of Community in three days. Had just handed in my last piece of coursework and was stoned for most of it :$

  7. Andrew says:

    those swords bring back memories 

  8. Jake says:

    Dexter, supernatural, stargate sg1 & Atlantis, how I met your mother, futurama, heroes, that 70s show, breaking bad, sons of anarchy, the walking dead. All in all almost 75 seasons in less than a year.

  9. Aurelia says:

    I watched season three of Girls in one day — six hours in total. I also binged on the entire first season of Masters of Sex (12 hours) on a Sunday. As well, Ray Donovon took two days for me. 

  10. Britney says:

    I started Lost 6 weeks before the series finale… and caught up in time to watch it live.  

  11. Robert says:

    The biggest problem I have with binge watching is that I also pick up on the inconsistencies a lot more.

  12. I sat and watched every episode of Star Trek: TNG inside of a week, yeah, I was hurting after that.

  13. Gypsy Gregg says:

    First show I binge watched was X-Files, started with 2 episodes a day and quickly escalated to 4. on weekends 6 to 8 a day. I don’t remember how long it took to get through the entire series. On the rare occasion that I would go out with friends the only thing I had to talk about was X-Files, literally, when someone would ask how I was doing, I would tell them how Mulder was doing.

  14. shauna says:

    i watched all of red vs blue in two days 

  15. Tom says:

    I watched all seasons of Santuary in 4 days. Followed by seasons 1-3 (all there were at the time) of Being Human US in another 3 days. Best week of my life. 

  16. Nara says:

    In the first two years of my bachelors in engg. I have finished Dexter,Prison Break, Battlestar Gallac, Walking dead, Secret Circle, Game of thrones, Vampire dairies,Teen Wolf,White Collar, Breaking Bad,  Lol at least 3 more which I don’t remember. I was Mr. Late. At least 15 mins late for every class. 😛 😛 Well I’ll leave you to guess my grades. Thank god I never had a backlog though :) :)

  17. Ashley says:

    All of Ally McBeal in 6 weeks. For 3 of those weeks I wasn’t working, so that helped make it happen. There were a lot of episodes…

  18. 16bitchef says:

    Anyone else notice that the swords mounted on his wall are from Sword Art Online. Ftw!

  19. sari says:

    Once i did a Medical study and had a great time watching the first two seasons of Revnge in like 3 days and two nights.. aweful show but couldn’t stop. 

  20. Chelsea Morgan says:

    I just got done binge watching greys anatomy. Everyday before and after work, and during my lunch break. I got through all 10 seasons in just under a month. I finished this last season in just under a week-and that’s including those stupid hulu commercials

  21. Camron says:

    I watched the entire series of Avatar: the Last Airbender in three days. Then proceeded to watch the Legend of Kora in two.

  22. Tim says:

    My friends decided they were going to watch The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere at my place, having never seen it I watched the first 3 seasons in 5 days. I’ve also done all of the Doctor Who reboot in a month, and the first six seasons of Mad Men in 1.5 weeks.
    Is it bad that I’m using this comment section to find out what show I should do next?

  23. Brendan says:

    Watched Season 5 of Buffy in two days

  24. Alex says:

    All seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a month.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    Binged the entire Doctor Who reboot in about a month and a half.

  26. helen says:

    the only way to view any season of 24 is to binge watch. Watching the episodes spaced apart just doesn’t cut it with that show!

  27. Andy says:

    Star Trek Voyager and Sliders are my go to Binge

  28. bamsie. says:

    The entirety of digimon including the movies in 2 and a half days… amongst other binges. 4 seasons of modern family in a week. Meh. Its fun, though.