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The Dan Cave: Who Will Be DOCTOR WHO’s Next Companion?

Welcome back to another edition of The Dan Cave! Have you lost weight? Not that you needed to, but you’re looking healthy. This week, we’re talking about, you guessed it, Doctor Who! Whovians across space and time are rejoicing because this week brings with it the premiere of Doctor Who Series 8 and, with it, the beginning of Peter Capaldi’s run as the Twelfth Doctor (Thirteenth if you’re pedantic, but really, he’s the Twelfth. Right, Kyle Anderson?). Yet, before Peter Capaldi could even go full Malcolm Tucker on some bumbling Daleks, news came out of the UK tabloids that Jenna Coleman might be leaving her role as the Doctor’s Companion Clara Oswald come Christmas time! Say it ain’t so, Doc!

While the rumors are currently unverified, it isn’t unheard of for Companions to leave the show, and considering that Coleman has played the role for eighteen-plus months, it’s more than likely she’ll be moving on sometime in the near-ish future. Rather than sulk in a dark corner of the TARDIS, I decided to put my wibbly wobbly brainy wainy to the test and see if I could come up with some suitable replacements for Coleman. So, say allons-y with me as we try to answer the question of who will replace Jenna Coleman as the new Companion on Doctor Who?

In order to expand my search for Coleman’s replacement, I took to Twitter.

While I agree that our social media manager Charlene would make an excellent Companion, I’m just saying: the bookies in the UK have vindicated some of my picks. Part of me, though, wants to start a grassroots campaign to get Kim Kardashian on the show as a 1-episode Companion, so I can make bank with those sweet, sweet 500-1 odds. Just kidding — we all know she’s a Weeping Angel.

Who do you think should replace Jenna-Louise Coleman if and when she leaves the show? Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter using hashtag #TheDanCave.

You can catch previous episodes of The Dan Cave right here. Want to learn even more about the storied history of Doctor Who’s traveling buddies? Read Kyle Anderson’s phenomenal “Companion’s Companion” series, then dominate at your next nerdy trivia night.

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  1. hellosweetie says:

    Richard Ayoade or Miranda hart

  2. anna says:

    I know she’s just been in as a villain, but Keeley Hawes! 

  3. Laura Beltrán says:

    I can’t choose between Colin Morgan and Asa Butterfield, both are brilliant actors!!! But I reckon that the idea of Alfie is really good!!

  4. I really like your idea of bringing tish as a companion, especially given that it would be a great excuse to bring martha/mickey back for a guest episode…  I feel like after Moffat took over most of the characters from the russel t davies episodes were forgotten about…

    Stormageddon would be a fun idea as well!

  5. You know who I’d love to see? Chris Hardwick! He’s such a dedicated fan of the show, why not give him the role to pay him back for his dedication? 

  6. Sayda says:

    I’m ALL for strong female leads, and DW certainly has its share, but between Amy, River Song and Clara, I’m really tired of smart-mouthed, plucky, whip-crack, bullheaded assistants. Rose Tyler was great because she could be insecure and vulnerable but still find the strength to be heroic. They need to think outside the box (so to speak) and find a new way to make a compelling assistant, not just another Amy.

  7. Meli says:

    Georgia Moffet-Tennant!!

  8. Jennifer Lamont says:

    I’d like to see the Doctor’s daughter come back and Colin Morgan (Merlin)just because

  9. Daydreamcatcher says:

    “Gwen Cooper” or Miranda Hart. 

  10. Capt.  Jack Harkness.

  11. Has everyone forgotten that earlier this year a new companion was announced?  Danny Pink will be played by Samuel Anderson.  Now we don’t know when he will be introduced but I’m surprised at how quickly people forget!

  12. Michael says:

    What about Christina Chong (Lorna Bucket from “A Good Man Goes to War”) ?

    There was a good reception after the episode aired but the momentum seems to die-down soon after.

    While we’re at it, let’s get Hugh Laurie as “The Master” he’d be great opposite Peter Capaldi’s Doctor!

    Craig Ferguson will be great too, but his Master will probably be the jokey / mischievous-younger-sibling type to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

  13. Arielle says:

    I want Craig to come back

  14. David says:

    Rose Leslie!  I didn’t even think about her until someone mentioned it, and I’m glad he did, perfect fit.  Tough woman for a more serious doctor!

  15. Corby says:

    Coleman is leaving? She was barely even on! I don’t even feel like we’ve gotten to know her at all.

  16. Chris Gregory says:

    I would like to see Romana come back.  The potential storyline left hanging after she trekked off with the Therils into e-space (‘Warrior’s Gate’) is one of the ones I find most intriguing and full of unexplored alternatives.  Also the alternate universe storyline where Doctor VII was Merlin in a world of magic battling Morgana, offers some interesting ideas, for exploration, which could tie in with that, since e-space is a sort of ‘outside the universe’ thing.  After discovering it’s indeed possible to change one’s own timeline… in several places, recently, especially in the 50th anniversary episode, there’s much more wibbly wobbly weirdness that could be done.  So many open threads left hanging around the little island of rational history and fixed points that is ‘the universe’… but I think Romana’s journey with the Therils is the one I’d really most like to hear about.

    • Itsatushy says:

      That’s so weird… I was just thinking wouldn’t it be cool if the lady at the end of tonights episode turns out to be a twisted Romana? That would be cool. 

  17. The Doctor needs his daughter to become a companion. His clone daughter from years ago regenerates, thus she is a Time-Lord and could use some training as she is out and about saving a little part of the universe on her own.

  18. Araknar Lord of the Spider People says:

    This one is easy. I can’t believe you didn’t suggest it Dan. Georgia Moffett returning as Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. It already cliff hangered that she’d be coming back, but we haven’t even seen her since. What better time than when the Doctor could take on an active parenting role made far more believable by their age difference? Also, I like the Stormageddon idea, and the Furguson as a bad guy. 

  19. bill de Iturrondo says:

    Who would I pick…Saoirise Ronan

  20. Harrison says:

    Dan,Did you notice your inability to smell or love around the same time? If so, it could be the result of a head injury, or possibly asphyxiation. It’s also possible your inability to smell may be psychosomatic, while your inability to love may be the result of an overexposure to life in LA.

  21. Beth says:

    FYI Downton Abbey isn’t a BBC show, it’s ITV, their arch-nemesis.

  22. MrGothyk says:

    Damn, people! Don’t write her out so soon!

  23. Dave Wilson says:

    What does he mean Noel Clarke is too busy blowing aliens in Space London for benedict Cumberbatch?

    • Dan Casey says:

      Remember the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness? Clarke detonated a bomb that destroyed half of London after Khan said he could heal his ailing daughter.

  24. Alec Ross says:

    Craig Ferguson. His tenure on the Late Late Show is about to be up. Plus, I imagine some pretty epic/witty dialogues between the two of them.

  25. Joshua McGuire! (The Hour, About Time, A Young Doctor’s Notebook) Completely underrated yet extremely brilliant for the part of the companion! His quirkiness will add contrast and dynamic to Capaldi’s darkness. 

  26. Piper says:

    idk I feel like some diversity is needed. Maybe a non-white companion? And also, Moffat seems to write most women in a very similar way, at least on Who. Something fresh is most definitely needed.

  27. mikedudez says:

    now i know what an non anime fan feels like when he has no clue as to what im talking about. im my case its the doctor who series. ive seen a few episodes and ive completely forgotten about them. so good luck to all the fans and enjoy your show i geuss ill be the other percent that dosnt watch

  28. Nich Hustler says:

    Aw snap! Rose Leslie, hadn’t considered it. Please. That would be the best!

  29. Who ever the new companion is I would like to see the Doctor’s clone daughter – Jenny make a return. 

  30. Shayde says:

    I like the idea of the actress… but cast her as a regenerated Romana or Susan after the time war.

  31. Cece says:

    I agree with @michelledeidre 
    I would definitely like to see some more diversity. Martha Jones can’t be the only example of diversity on Who. 

  32. Bring in Lisa Bowerman as Benny Summerfield and have her show River Song how to be a proper diary writing, time travelling archaeologist.

  33. You do realise she has dropped Louise from her name?

  34. Atte says:

    I liked your suggestions, especially Stormageddon. Antonia Thomas could work too. But I would love to see Jessica Hynes as a companion. I know she was in the show already, but that is not a problem. Or go beyond the borders and BAM Steven Yeun. That would be awesome.

  35. Samantha says:

    My dream would be Carey Mulligan returning as sally sparrow but that’s not happening. I think Leslie would be good and also really like the idea of colon Morgan as a companion. am I mistaken or was he already on an episode with david david tenant? also though not an actor I’ve always thought comedian jack Whitehall would make a great companion

  36. I’d like to see the next Companions be Luke Smith, Rani Chandra, and Clyde from the Sarah Jane Adventures. I think it would be a fitting tribute to Liz Sladen’s legacy.
    They could have the newly single Doctor decide to drop in on his old companion Sarah Jane onlt to learn from her son Luke that she died. And not from some alien or something out of this world, but from cancer (like Liz actually did). So he decides to take the kids off with him for some adventure and mutual mourning.

    • Piper says:

      I actually really like that idea. Even if they didn’t become full time companions, that’s a fantastic idea for an episode

    • Kate Roshon says:

      Love this idea!! It would give The Doctor a chance to mourn as well as the fans a great way to say good-by to Liz while seeing her legacy still go on!!

    • tina says:

      Love that idea except Clyde n rani were grounded by the jadoon so they couldn’t go but luke n k9 could

  37. Kristin says:

    Andrew Lee Potts!

  38. Henrik says:

    India Fisher as Charlotte Pollard. (Big Finish audio, 8th Doctor companion.) She was name checked in Night of the Doctor. Ipso facto: canon!