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The Dan Cave: GODZILLA, PACIFIC RIM 2, and SKULL ISLAND in a Shared Universe?

Welcome to the premiere episode of The Dan Cave, my new weekly show in which we plumb the depths of television, film, comic books and more to bring you the choicest specimens of pop culture for your viewing pleasure. Each week we’ll take a deep dive into one of the biggest questions on nerds’ minds and break it down. Other times, we’ll probably just dissect the slow-motion bicycle-dance prom scene from RadThe point is, we’re going to go spelunking into the heart of nerdy darkness and, unless we get eaten by the monsters from The Descent, we’ll have a good time doing it.

This week, we’re breaking down on of the biggest cinematic slates to emerge from the Thunderdome we call Comic-Con. No, not Mad Max: Fury Road, which looks freakin’ sweet, by the by. Today, we’re looking at what’s coming down the pipeline from Legendary. During their Hall H panel, moderated by my wonderful colleague Jessica Chobot, they revealed that not only will the Godzilla sequel include even more monsters than ever before, and not is Pacific Rim 2 on the way, but we’ll be taking a trip to King Kong’s past in Skull Island. Now, taken individually, all of this sounds well and good. Who doesn’t love a monstrous slugfest? But it left me with a larger question: is Legendary putting together the tools it needs for a shared cinematic universe? And that, my friends, is precisely what we’ll be talking about today!

Do you think Legendary should pursue a shared cinematic universe? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below or tell me yourself on Twitter.