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THE DAILY SHOW Debuted Its Newest Correspondent, Michael Che

THE DAILY SHOW Debuted Its Newest Correspondent, Michael Che

First there was Steve Carrell, then Stephen Colbert, and then John Oliver. Rotating out from a correspondent position is seemingly how The Daily Show operates. That leaves room for new, up-and-coming correspondents. Back in March, Jordan Klepper joined their ranks and now, former Saturday Night Live writer and comedian Michael Che just made his first appearance as a correspondent on last night’s episode. Klepper and Che should prove to be some nice new gears on the well-oiled machine that is The Daily Show.

It will actually be a banner week for Che as his Daily Show debut will be paired nicely with the premiere of his episode of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, this Friday. You could say that Che has had a meteoric rise as a comedian: breaking out of NYC’s stand-up scene and then doing Letterman, Late Night With Seth Meyers, and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (an impressive feat for American comedians) in addition to his staff writing gig on SNL.

Of course, Jon Stewart and company don’t just let newbies debut in a nice, clean segment without incident–The Daily Show likes having a little fun welcoming their newcomers. In this case, Che showed up as prepared as one looking to be a serious news correspondent can be. “Serious” is a word used almost exclusively in an ironic sense and both Stewart and one of The Daily Show‘s senior correspondents, Aasif Mandvi make sure Che understands that.

Despite this sort of light hazing by Jon and Aasif, Che handles it flawlessly as you can see here.