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The Coolest Bigfoot Suit You’ve Ever Seen, JUST COS

Attention, Bigfoot believers! The latest installment of Just Cos is right up your alley. For this episode, we go inside Patrick Magee’s lab of awesomeness at Magee FX, where he is currently working on a superb bigfoot costume that might be the scariest thing next to the real Bigfoot himself. Yes, I said, “the REAL Bigfoot.”

Magee’s Bigfoot is a true miracle of practical effects, especially the animatronic face. Even without the final layer of skin, Magee manipulates the face (via remote control) to create “angry” and “sad” expressions that really resonate. Naturally, the Bigfoot head also has a remarkable “horrifying resting face.” The issue of whether or not the suit would fit a given actor is an easy one to solve: The suit is intended for Magee himself.

Check out Magee’s film and TV credits here.

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  1. If you watch the video it’s a making of the suit and they show it for like 3 seconds in action at about the 6:10 mark. I wish i could see more of it.