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The Console War Meets Pacific Rim

The Console War Meets Pacific Rim

Kratos vs. Master Chief! Oh, did that not get your attention? How about mech versions of the PS4 and Xbox One going toe to toe for the sake of the ever-so-coveted bragging rights fanboys everywhere yearn for?

All of this and more can be seen in the following video, courtesy of our friends at Machinima. This short makes allusions to various console war developments, such as the rumor of the Xbox One “not being ready” for its launch day, and we even get to see what happens when Nintendo’s Wii U sticks it’s nose into the battle. Let’s just say, the Nintendo Wii U should probably stay out of next-gen arguments if it knows what’s good for it.


Whoa, that battle was getting quite intense. We’ll see an even more intense battle on store shelves come this friday when the Xbox One enters the arena against the awaiting PlayStation 4. We’ve already given our hands-on impressions of the PS4 and are eager to jump in to provide Xbox One impressions soon. Until then, feel free to enter yourself to win the new Xbox via Nerdist News.


  1. Christopher Hamilton says:

    Love the Nerdist! Geek/dork/weenie paradise!