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The Condom Slingshot, An Idea Whose Time Has… No, Actually, It Hasn’t

condomslingshotWe have seen Joerg Sprave‘s creations for the Slingshot Channel here before, like the Zombiehammer. This one’s especially cringeworthy: Responding to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s $100,000 challenge to improve condom use, he… well, you do the math. Of course it’s a joke… it’s a joke, right? Please, be a joke.

What? No, YOU try it.

HT: Geekosystem


  1. bretsneg says:

    There is actually a Swedish film from 1993 called “the slingshot” thats about a boy who makes slingshots from condoms and sell them..

  2. pbnews says:

    That dude is my new favorite dude.