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The Collection: The Spirit of the ’90s, “Game of Friends,” and Xbox Pizza

Collection200x200Hey, what say we look at some more of the stuff we’re collecting for… er… The Collection? (Hey, it’s a FINE name. It tells you what it is, doesn’t it?) This time, there are some trips down memory lane, Game of Friends, and pizza sloth….

First, from our friends at Fox’s ADHD comes this 8-bit-style tribute to your ’90s childhood, with references to The X-Files, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, TMNT ice pops, Super-Soakers, Michael Keaton’s Batman, and even Dinosaurs:

That’s YOUR childhood. We won’t discuss mine.

James Farr, who we last saw mashing Ghostbusters and Super Mario Bros. together, has a sequel out, Super Mario Busters 2, with a Sega interloper in the cast:

Is there anything more Internetty or Meme-y than someone doing an opening credits sequence for some popular serious show but in the style of the Friends opening, complete with “I’ll Be There For You”? How many of these do we need? One more, I guess, ’cause we got a Game of Thrones version (with a SPOILERS warning, no less):

Which you can put on the shelf with a Sim City-style GOT opening:

Or matching the GOT credits with the Buffy theme:

But the cats from last year still linger in the brain:

While we’re idly watching things, here’s a reminder that there’s now a Pizza Hut app for Xbox that actually works with Kinect so that you can order a pizza with a wave of the hand and get it delivered. Leave the front door unlocked and you DON’T HAVE TO GET OFF THE COUCH. Eventually, your body will fuse to the sofa and that’s how the EMTs will find you, but at least you’ll do it in stuffed-crust style.

Which reminds me, time for dinner here. Not Xbox pizza, though. Wait, can I get a burrito through my Roku?

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