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The Collection: Running People, Running Snails, and Other Stuff

Well, we’ve been finding a lot of stuff around the ‘nets lately, and rather than clutter the site up with a ton of posts, we thought we’d sweep ’em together, because here at Nerdist we’re all about making your life easier. Herewith (you know, I’ve been using that word a LOT lately), the first installment of The Collection, this time a bunch of videos, including trailers, a supercut, and a mashup:

From ClaraDarko2, an updated supercut of people running in movies; Run, Forrest (and everyone else), run!:

The second trailer for DreamWorks’ snail-centric animated Turbo, starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular speedy snail, opening July 19th:

The eye-popping animated black-and-white opening credits for Oz the Great and Powerful“:

A new domestic trailer for save-the-forest animated epic, er, Epic:

Machinma has a trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us featuring Raven battling Catwoman. April 16th for this release:

Nostalgia abounds with Capcom’s trailer for the remastered Duck Tales. Return to Duckburg and sing along:

And Slacktory mashed up Star Wars and Jurassic Park, because they could:

Contributors: Charlene Jimenez and Brian Walton