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The Collection: Magic, Trek, Minecraft Westeros, and Other Stuff

Collection615x250Where’s The Collection at? Well, I’ve been traveling for a little bit, in exotic places like King of Prussia, PA and Spring Lake, NJ, and in the meantime we’ve been very busy with lots of news and podcasts and stuff, so, well, things back up a little. Let’s try and remedy that right now, okay? Here we go:

So, you saw Justin Willman with Kevin Smith today on the Nerdist Channel’s Sleight of Mouth, and you’re a fan of Justin from the Nerdist Channel’s Justin Willman’s Magic Meltdown, right? (And Cupcake Wars, too.) Well, he also guested on Wednesday’s edition of What’s Trending, and he baffles Ethan Newberry and Bree Essrig with some magic, including a card trick in which Bree’s name unexpectedly shows up in writing, and makes Coca-Cola disappear in the nick of time. And there’s cupcake and Vegas talk.

Rhett and Link’s The Mythical Show brings you Star Trek: the Middle School Musical:

Logic! And while we’re in a Trek mood, how about The Key of Awesome‘s Star Trek slow jam. The Vulcan Grip of Pleasure!:

A guy built Westeros in Minecraft, and Time magazine, all over the Game of Thrones beat, is on the case with this coverage:

If you, like many people, are sick and tired of YouTube comments, and if you use Chrome as your browser, you HAVE to install Herp Derp for YouTube, a Chrome extension that reduces all comments to repeated herps and derps (you can click on the comments to restore them to their full obnoxious glory). Derp FTW.

And Nerdist News’ own Brian Walton has been appearing on Clevver MoviesIt’s a Wrap!, talking about, naturally, movies. Here’s one of those, a panel on movies versus their source material:

And what about me? I haven’t been doing TV or video lately (are they trying to tell me something about my appearance?), but I did a little radio in the last few weeks, blathering on about something or other, I don’t remember for sure. Here’s a bit from the syndicated America Weekend show (with an awful publicity picture several years and pounds ago) talking about social media and Abercrombie and Fitch with Heidi Harris, and another with KTRH/Houston‘s Matt Patrick about talk radio and advertising (live from a hotel parking lot in Lakewood, New Jersey!), and I was on the Ed Tyll show on TalkRadioX but I can’t find a podcast of it so whatever. Exciting.