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The Collection: Just Add Water, Watch Your Head, Have A Cold One

Collection615x250Another week underway, another dip into The Collection for a few laughs, some news, and some weirdness, which is what we’re all about, right? So:

First, I know, I’m way late on BriTANick’s Sexy Pool Party, but better late than never. You’ll discover how to be “CW Hot” with just a dip in the pool, and how to create Nathan Fillion:

A guillotine simulator for the Oculus Rift? And you would want this… why? Some game designers developed this at the Exile Game Jam in Denmark and YOU try it: (HT: Geekosystem)

We’ve seen some interesting ways to open a beer bottle before. Here, some German guys use an excavator, which is a little inefficient but works: (HT: Daily Picks and Flicks)

The Taiwanese animation folks at Next Media Animation animate the F-ckface von Clownstick saga between Jon Stewart and von Clowns… er, Donald Trump. As usual, they embellish the visuals, this time with Trump’s golden, er, throne and drones and a boxing match between Trump and Stewart. Because of course: (HT: Huffington Post)

And there’s apparently going to be a new line of Star Wars video games, the result of a licensing deal between Disney and electronic arts, and there aren’t any details yet. This follows the April announcement that Lucasfilm won’t be making its own video games anymore. So, is there going to be a Star Wars Madden game now? Please? Rebel Alliance vs. Dallas Cowboys? This HAS to happen. EA also announced that The Sims 4 will be coming out in 2014 for PCs and Macs, in case you’re into that franchise. Let’s hope that none of this runs into the dreaded SimCity server issues; seems that you’ll be able to play The Sims 4 without an Internet connection, which would have helped the SimCity launch.

Finally, from Fox’s ADHD, meet the most feared crime boss in Central America, Pug Lord, and he’s all about the pug life. (Oh, go ahead, “I didn’t choose the pug life….” You know you want to) But he’s hiding something:

I’m trying to fit “Tupac Shih Tzu” in here, but it doesn’t work. “Tupac Shar Pei”? Come on, work with me here.

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  1. PoddSocks says:

    jon stewart vs donald trump. what is trump thinking!??!