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The Collection: Gatsby Game for Good, 3-Headed “Get Lucky,” and More

Collection200x200Can’t end the week without another edition of The Collection, our compilation of cool stuff around the Net, can we? No, we can’t. So here you go, starting with a good deed that’s fun for you, too, and just happens to tie into a movie that’s hitting theaters this weekend. (Oh, right, it was a book, too….)

So, how does this sound? You play an online video game, and just by playing, you help send books to Africa to help combat illiteracy. Now, what if that video game is an 8-bit-style Nintendo knockoff of The Great Gatsby? See what they’re doing here? Timely! Anyway, the creators of the game, The Barbarian Group’s Charlie Hoey and Peter Malamud Smith, have partnered with Out of Print Clothing, and if you go here and play, for every 25,000 points you earn, a book will be donated to Books for Africa. The goal is to distribute 10,000 books.

Click this to go to the site and play...

Click this to go to the site and play…

What else? Well, as Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” becomes THE song of the season, enjoy Peter Serafinowicz’ video for it, in which he grows a couple of extra heads:

From last night’s Conan, it’s the latest edition of Nick Offerman Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities, and you gotta admit that it’s even more effective in this between-seasons time when Nick lets his beard grow out for an extra dose of testosterone:

And also from last night’s Conan, another If They Melded, and if Lindsay Lohan melded with Louis CK isn’t nightmare fuel enough, Steve Bucemi and Reese Witherspoon is… well, look:

How about the U.S.S. Enterprise in space? No, really, someone launched a model of the Enterprise into space, up at 95,568 feet above the Earth, and there’s pretty majestic video. Stay with it to the end for time lapse of the entire trip up:

Add to the many GTA IV mods this one, in honor of Iron Man 3:

And here’s a really (really!) quick title concept pitch video for Iron Man 3 that didn’t make the cut but looks pretty good nonetheless:

NOW you can go have a great weekend. Do that.