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The Collection (Brief Edition): X-Files Comic-Con Panel & 6-Year-Old Screamer

Collection200x200I have just a couple of things to throw in your direction this evening, and we’ll call it part of The Collection for lack of a better way to do it. So… yes, there will be a 20th Anniversary panel about The X-Files at Comic-Con Thursday, July 18th; the The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog noticed an ad in TV Guide for the panel, which will include creator Chris Carter, writer/producers Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, but you know that), Howard Gordon (24 and Homeland, ditto), David Amann (Castle), Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban (Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad, Torchwood, many others), Jim Wong (American Horror Story), and more to be named. Mulder? Scully? Doesn’t matter. You might want to start queuing up, like, now. TV Guide is also holding a “fan favorites” panel as they do every year, and this year’s panel includes Giancarlo Esposito (Gus!), Danai Gurira (Michonne!), and many more on Friday, July 19th. And they have a yacht out back. Okay, so, they’re doing it right.

And one other thing, in case you missed it, and if you don’t habitually watch America’s Got Talent (I don’t), you probably did miss it, the Most Rock ‘n’ Roll Moment of the Week, the 6-year-old howler singing her original song “Zombie Skin”:

We must hear more. Seriously.

HT:, Kat Corbett

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  1. Joe Humphrey says:

    Hey, that little girl and her brother are a band called Murp and have a pretty impressive catalog of music. They’re pretty entertaining.

  2. Paloma says:

    I know that Nerdist will host a live taping of their podcast on Saturday, but will you guys have a booth with merch and such at Comic Con?