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The Bloody Adventures Of 8-Bitham Lincoln

If you’re already willing to humor the idea of Abraham Lincoln: Bounty Hunter, why not go all the way and have Honest Abe take an axe to the bloodsuckers in side-scrolling 8-bit style? Here:

Fox had Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatch make that to help market the movie. You might not want to play the game if it existed, but it’s fun to watch. One can only hope that the movie follows the same rough pattern: Abe, in a stovepipe hat, obliterating a stream of vampires. Something tells me that it isn’t like that, but, then again, those movie purists always insist on pesky, interfering things like plot and character development.

HT: G4


  1. Yeah, it’s got the 16-bit look. I just went with the name they assigned themselves. “8-bit” has pretty much become the umbrella for all early console video, and it communicates the style well enough, so… that.

  2. Ben Z says:

    @Anonymous Burrito

    Well, SNES would never have that amount of blood, so it would HAVE to be on Genesis. I agree with the 16 bit as well.

  3. How about a side-scrolling card game featuring the 16-Bit president himself, Pixel Lincoln? There are also skateboarding dinosaurs, laser sharks, Sausage Link Whips, and most of all… the Beardarang.

  4. Anonymous Burrito says:

    Looked more 16-bit than 8-bit. But I still want this to play on my Genesis.

    (Cue Sega Genesis vs Super Nintendo arguments!)