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“The Bitter Buddha” Now On iTunes and Video On Demand

It’s been a long time coming, but The Bitter Buddha, the documentary about Eddie Pepitone, is, as of today, now available on iTunes and Video On Demand. For comedy obsessives — you’re out there, I know it — this constitutes a major event.

By now, you HAVE to be addicted to Eddie and Matt Oswalt’s Puddin’, and anyone who’s seen Eddie’s stand-up will never forget it, a maelstrom of hilarity and rage for which “unique” is an understatement. Eddie’s fascinating enough on his own, but director Steven Feinartz got help from an all-star cast of comedians with their own perspectives on him, including our own Todd Glass, plus Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, Paul F. Tompkins, Paul Provenza, Scott Aukerman, BJ Novak, Todd Barry, Andy Kindler, Rob Huebel, Jen Kirkman, and more. It’s fascinating to consider where Eddie’s comedy, and anger, are coming from, and how his career and reputation have taken off at a stage in life when others might have thrown in the towel.

Seriously, you like comedy, right? You’re interested in the comedic process, and what makes creative people the way they are? This. See it for yourself.


  1. ChrisT says:

    Is there a way to see this without Itunes?