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The Best Popeye Picture I’ve Ever Seen


Via Chris Glass, a.k.a. the guy who designed this site.

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  1. since my know my knowledge i use to watch popeye show .every evening . i really love to watch sthe show .it was very intersting . in world cartoon show this is the best show .i will say .. so popeye is my hero ..popeye the sailor man .the sailor man ……

  2. SinCity says:

    No problem, I’m with you! I’m not big on shoes or boots. I must be the only chick on the planet Earth that doesn’t give a rat’s ass, they just have to fit…

  3. It does pay to know more about boots than I have a right to know. I would have NEVER gotten that joke because my interest in boots is just not that refined. Thanks for the clarification, I do think it’s funny now. Only a rare few people have to know what those boots are called and be able to connect that train of thought and it wasn’t me.


  4. SinCity says:

    *S* I’ll help… The boots are called Uggs (sp?), and there are 4 of them. You know Popeye’s crazy laugh “Ugg ugg ugg ugg!”

    Get it? Got it. Good!

  5. I know nothing about boots and I still don’t “get it”. Help a nerd out here. I must have missed the class when they taught me about the link between Popeye and boots. I know I am stupid and it’s okay to laugh at me. It’s not that I am stupid, I just have my brain filled with other shit.


  6. bob says:

    that is funny as hell

  7. nanz says:

    It took a good 40 seconds before it hit me. Funny!

  8. joe says:

    Best non-pornographic popeye picture i’ve ever seen.

  9. SinCity says:

    Yeah, it took me a minute too, due to my lack of boot knowledge. I hate shoes…

  10. It took me WAY too long to get that. Must need more coffee.

  11. PG says:

    My utter lack of boot knowledge seriously hinders the amusement I am supposed to be feeling. Guess I had to be there.

  12. thisisjohnny says:

    that’s easily the best popeye picture ever. i assure you this page is getting thrown all over my facebook friends’ walls

  13. myNando says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! Funny as hell.

  14. Chris Hardwick says:

    I think Toast understands the Ugg of it all, but I do acknowledge “boot boot” as a perfectly reasonable interpretation of said Pop(eye) Art.

  15. Wiehe says:

    they are ugz (sp?) if i’m not mistaken….genius

  16. Tara says:

    So I was watching Chelsea Lately tonight and I thought to myself, ‘Chris Hardwick should be on Chelsea’s round table.’ Tonight’s show ended and I thought, ‘I’ll just watch the round table from this next one and go to bed.’ Lo and behold, there you were. Funny as always. I hope the fact that they had to beep you a few times doesn’t deter them from inviting you back. Cheers!

    I like the site’s new look, btw.

  17. The Toast in the Machine says:

    That’s pretty good. Here’s what I think he’s saying: “I’m Popeye the sailor man… BOOT, BOOT! I’m Popeye the sailor man… BOOT, BOOT!”

    I reckon…


  18. PolygonBoise says:

    Absolutely phenomenal! That’s worthy of a ROFLCopter! (no, I won’t litter your comments with one)

  19. RadNerd says:

    wow! this is good.

  20. un-bride says:

    At least there’s no Ed Hardy design …

  21. I had a crush on Popeye when I was three. 28 years later, I still find this oddly hot.

    Please do not judge me.

  22. Marrmeen says:

    God. Damnit. That is genius.