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The Best Picture Taken At E3 (Possibly The Best Picture Ever)

Nerd Boners

Photo Credit: My friends Elie and Brent Koning at the Forza 4 party with two booth babes. Elie and Brent are currently living with their mothers.

They are going to kill me for putting this on the internet.


  1. Brent says:

    Deep breathing…

  2. I find all four of them attractive. Sign me up to live in *that* hotel room!

  3. Kiala Kazebee says:

    @Katie YAY! I’m assuming his cuteness is so EXTREME everyone else is afraid to talk about it.

  4. Katie says:

    [thinks Brent’s cute]

  5. Kiala Kazebee says:

    For more exciting Elie news here is a video for you guys…

    You’re welcome!

  6. SHOGUN says:

    Elie’s from Seattle. Worked with him on a couple shoots.

  7. commonperson says:

    Great photo! Probably about the expression I’d strike too.

  8. dangeraardvark says:

    If you put Seth Rogan in between them it would look like a nerd evolution poster.

  9. Kiala Kazebee says:

    @mary You totally SHOULD! <——uptalking

  10. mary renouf says:

    Best photo ever -and I may just put this on the Xbox facebook page for the 10million fans who really need to see it

  11. Marki Mark says:

    That Booth lady on the left seems to genuinely be enjoying her wee snuggle. Big up Elie!!

  12. Robin Burks says:

    Who are those hot booth babe guys? Oh, wait.

  13. Katie again says:

    Snuggle nerds!! That was supposed to be single, but snuggle is also appropriate.

  14. Katie Mezzenga says:

    I’mma jump on this cute nerd bandwagon! Though seriously, if you know any snuggle nerds near the Oregon coast..

  15. Allison says:

    I agree, Elie’s pretty hot & nerdy 😉

  16. tina says:

    Adorable haha 😀

  17. Andi says:

    Dude on the left is smoking nerd hot. Just my type. If he lives in Chicago he should call me. ^^

  18. starcastic says:

    I agree with Cat. Hello hot nerd 😀

  19. mercutiom says:

    But they so deserve that you did.

  20. Cat says:

    Elie’s pretty cute 😉