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The Best of DOCTOR WHO Week, Vol. 1

The Best of DOCTOR WHO Week, Vol. 1

As you may know, it’s Doctor Who Week here at Nerdist, and we’ve been celebrating with everything from the Doctor Who Info Minute to the world’s greatest edition of Guess Whoto a live pre-show you can see and attend this Saturday. But we’re not the only ones who are celebrating that the long-running series has regenerated for fifty years now. We’ve collected videos worthy of a Time Lord and assembled them in one handy dandy place for your viewing pleasure. Enough jibber-jabber; It’s timey-wimey for some the very best in Whovian entertainment you can get this side of Gallifrey. Allons-y!

How It Should Have Ended takes us all the way back to Bad Wolf to present another version of Doomsday.

Not sold yet? Let Magneto and Gandalf tell you why they’re in love with Matt Smith.

Doctor Who doesn’t just break the space-time continuum apart; it breaks barriers. Geek & Sundry‘s Neil McNeil and Becca Canote examine LGBT characters in the long-running series.

And who can resist the adorable dance moves of the Doctor Puppet?

The Doctor fights an awful lot of beasties, nasties, and antagonistic aliens in his travels. BBC America counts down the Top 11 Monsters in the entire series.

And there you have it! Stay tuned all week long for more awesome Whovian wonders, and let us know which video is your favorite in the comments below!