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The Best and Worst of Comic-Con Day 2! A Nerdist News Wrap-Up

Good evening, Comic-Con brethren! It’s time for the Nerdist News Wrap-Up of Day 2.

In today’s wrap-up, Jessica Chobot, CM Punk, Dan Casey, and our special friend Andre Meadows, a/k/a Black Nerd Comedy, give us the best and worst of Day 2. For Jessica, the best moment was Nerdist’s Laser Tag match against our office neighbors Rocket Jump (which was obviously epic). Dan’s favorite moment was the Sony Screen Gems Panel, while Andre Meadows is looking forward to a different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie than you might expect. And CM Punk saw a woman eating a cockroach. The wonders of Comic-Con never end.

Thanks for checking out our Wrap-Up and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 3! The Nerdist News, the fun, and the essential CM Punk tips will continue. Let us know how you feel about animatronic creatures in the comments below. Do you love them? Or do you fear them like Jessica Chobot?

If you haven’t stopped by yet, come play Borderlands: The Presequel Laser Tag with us at Petco Park between 11 and 5 tomorrow, and receive an awesome Teefury shirt! Keep following @NerdistDotCom onTwitter and Instagram for more up-to-the-minute coverage using #NerdistSDCC!


  1. bernard says:

    awesome job!  :)  I just wish these were longer and that you guys had footage of Jessica, Punk, Andre & Dan talking to people on the show floor.

  2. R says:

    Worst of Comic Con = CM PunkThis joke has run its course, don’t you think? 

  3. Ryan Neal says:

    I am majorly skeptical about the Ant-Man movie but, at the same time, until a year ago I was like “Who in the fuck are the Guardians of the Galaxy?”