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The Battle Continues: Nerdist v RocketJump Laser Tag Part 2

The Battle Continues: Nerdist v RocketJump Laser Tag Part 2

Last week, we watched as Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Brian Walton accidentally sparked a war with our office mates, RocketJump. That war would culminate in the brawl to end all brawls atop Petco Park during this year’s Comic-Con. While you may know the outcome – Nerdist dominated RocketJump in the match (yes, we know, we’re awesome like that) – you don’t know the whole story. Now, with Comic-Con in our rearview, it’s time for you to see how it all went down in part 2 of This Week In RocketJump:

A few things to be learned here:

1) Never swirly Brian Walton.

2) Nerdist gaming editor Malik Forté has got some moves.

3) Do not, under any circumstances, let Olga Desyatnik go into Shanaynay mode. We’re still patching up holes in the wall from last time.

4) Jessica Chobot is to be feared at any and all gaming competitions, both virtual and IRL.

Nerdist Laser Tag GIF 2

That said, we had  a lot of fun at Comic-Con with RocketJump during our laser tag match. Now that it’s over, we’re just glad we can finally go back to just being office mates, occasionally ribbing each other from across the building and during various communal lunches.

Well played, Rocket boys. Well played.

Do you think Jake will get to the bottom of a certain laser tag conspiracy? Stay tuned to RocketJump next week for more answers, and let us know your predictions in the comments below!