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The Backstreet Boys Are Back Again and Sang with James Corden

Warning: Persons with acute sensitivities to puns, both bad puns and puns much worse than that, should proceed with caution.

We gotta question for you, better answer now: when’s the last time you rocked your body? It’s probably been far too long. Not like back in the ’90s, when we couldn’t help but rock our bodies any time we put the radio on. Everybody everywhere was rocking their bodies back then. Well don’t be afraid, don’t have no fear, alright, because oh my god they’re back again–Backstreet’s back.

Last night on The Late Late Show, host James Corden joined one of the best relics of the ’90s and one of the biggest boy bands ever, the Backstreet Boys, for a rendition of their hit song “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” that really brought the flavor. It is everything you and your brothers and sisters need, assuming what you need is a reminder of how much you love this damn song.

We first saw this via Entertainment Weekly, and ever since we watched it we’ve just been throwing our arms around like we just don’t care, but what we do care about is Corden’s desire to bring back classic five-member boy bands, with their dancing and absurd videos.

We also care about the Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life tour moving into Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas next year, for 18 dates from March to February. In fact, tickets for the shows go on sale this Thursday, though some pre-sales already began earlier this week.

So we guess everybody everywhere will be heading to Vegas next year, because Backstreet’s back, and we haven’t had our bodies properly rocked since the ’90s.

What’s your favorite Backstreet Boy’s song? Rock our comments section below with yours.

Image: CBS

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