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The Avengers and the Justice League Come Together In This Rock Band Fan Art

The Avengers and the Justice League Come Together In This Rock Band Fan Art

I’ve always found The Avengers and the Justice League to be complete badasses. I mean, you have one superhero that can save the world, but when you put them together, they’re basically unstoppable. They can pretty much do what they like, and thanks to artist Andres Moncayo, our favorite he roes are rocking our socks off.

Moncayo has recreated comic’s best as rock band superstars. He’s made them edgier, rockier, and in the case of Aquaman, nakeder.

Take a look at the reimaged images below:






I know that it may be a bit of blasphemy blending together two different comic universes, but you can’t deny how awesome our favorite heroes look together! They’re all such powerful individuals, that it’s hard for me to imagine who would be the lead star.

I dig the minimalistic approach of each character though. Moncayo gives us enough to figure out which superhero is who, while also providing intricate details of what each represent based on the tattoos on their bodies.

If you enjoy this musical take, you can grab some prints on the Society6 website where you can also find more of Moncayo’s work for sale.

What music do you think these heroes would be known for? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Thors Mann says:

    Ah, the Crazy Train to Asgard!  More Cowbell! So sayeth Thor!